Sunday, July 17, 2011

Intermittent Kitten #1

I'm sure it comes as no surprise, but I plan on posting pictures of my cats on this blog. I have two kitties: Chester, a ragdoll, and Sonny, a Himalayan/mutt. My phone and iPod picture folders can be pretty much separated into three categories: food, me in a mirror, and the cats.

So, this is my section of kitty photography! I didn't want to plan a special day to post them ("Sonny Sunday" anyone?!) because I don't know if I could wait a whole week, BUT I also don't want to just post them like a crazy person. Which I guess I might be too late for.

Today's Intermittent Kitten is Sonny, napping in the sunshine! I think if I find any fame and fortune on the web, it'll be through Sonny's milky mustache and Whoville Who-Paws.

Sonny Cat
Sonny Cat

If Sonny could have little kitty headphones in, I'm sure he'd be listening to "How Soon Is Now?" He is the son and heir of nothing in particular.

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