Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kyuuto! A Japanese Crochet Book.

I've been kind of down in the dumps about money lately. One of the bad things about living in the country is the fact that I have to drive triple the amount of miles to work than I would if I lived in town. I don't mind the drive; it's the gas money that kills me. A big chunk of my paycheck goes right into filling my tank, so I can't spoil myself as often as I'd like. However, with my new job, I've been making a little more than I did at my last one! I let myself browse around on and Amazon for some used book therapy. I found two and one came yesterday!

Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts - Lacy Crochet

Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts

It definitely fits the title - it is so cute. The projects are all so tiny! I haven't decided which patterns I want to try first, but I have a few in mind. The only thing I'm worried about is, since this is a translated book, the instructions aren't as simple as I'm used to. They read more in a paragraph-form, rather than a list of crochet abbreviations. I think this book will be good for me to learn how to read charts - there are a lot of those in here! The best part is that it was only $4.50 and it is just like new.

Crocheted Sachets
Look at these little sachets! The daisy pattern on the left is adorable. You can't really tell, either, but one of the leaves on the other sachet is little green seed beads! I really like the daisies, and I think it would be sweet to add it to another pattern. Make a bracelet of flowers? OH, or a headband! I definitely think that this is the first one that I'll try. What else do you think I could use those flowers for? Tell me!

Crocheted Basket
This tiny basket is so cute, but I don't know where I'd put it. It seems like something my cats would love to play with. If I put it anywhere they can't get to, it wouldn't be so convenient to use. Whatever! I'll probably still make it. Besides pattern clarity, the other thing I'm a little nervous for is yarn & needle sizes. The book calls out which needle to use (definitely way smaller than anything I've crocheted with!), but it doesn't tell me any yarn weights. Maybe I'll buy some sock yarn and see how that works!

All in all, I'm very excited to start working with this book! I do have to go to JoAnns to get the right kind of yarn. I bet those daisies would turn out nice and pretty if I made them bigger! Then I could make a scarf of flowers. Another thing I'll do is look the book up on Ravelry. I'm sure plenty of people have done patterns from this book (and there's another one from the same line about amigurumi) that will have noted which yarn they picked.

I'll be sure to post pictures after I've finished some projects! Wish me luck! <3

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