Monday, July 18, 2011

Super Taranta!

Hello! Did you know how hot it is in MN right now? It is so hot that the I-94 freeway has buckled from the heat. We are sitting at a heat index of about 115 degrees. Too bad about the freeway, too ... thanks to the government shutdown, we don't have road construction crews. Whoops!

Anyway, no long post today, since my brain is a stew. Almost fainted today and went to lay on my mom's bed with a wet rag on my face. I'm feeling a little better now, but I have to go to my other job in 45 minutes.

Here is a video of my dance troupe, the RakStar Fusion Bellydancers, doing our dance to Gogol Bordello's "Super Taranta!" Heads up: we do form a human dragon. Enjoy!

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