Monday, August 8, 2011

Curry Curry Curry Crazy!

Japanese curry is my number one favorite food! I love it so much. Markie made it for me when we started dating and I've been obsessed ever since. We make it for each other all the time, using S&B brand curry from the asian section of the grocery store. When we went to Japan in 2010, we found a curry restaurant the very first night in Shinjuku just a few minutes away from our hotel - we ate there and were amazed that it tasted just like at home!

My desktop at work! Yum :9

Markie is making a batch right now, so here is some quickie food pictures I've been eying until our rice is ready.

GoGo (55) Curry@Shinjuku

Go Go Curry

Men-ya Coco-ichi Curry Ramen
MMMM, Curry Ramen Soup! (Those eggs look amazing.)

Mmmm.... curry
Perfect with a beer!

Oh, timer just went off! Supper time :9 This is my curry tonight! Thanks Markie! ♥

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