Monday, August 22, 2011

I Don't Care if Monday's Blue

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all survived the weekend .. I barely did. (hee!) Here are some sites and blog posts that I've been enjoying for the past week!

Ophelia's Apothecary. Lovely Etsy shop of handmade candles, perfumes, and other bath goodies. I've created quite a wish list already! The tinted lip balms and whipped body butter! Yum!

Em&Sprout. Another Etsy. Look at those Mary Janes! This shop is so cute and really makes me wish I had the space to start felt-working, (I have so many ideas!). I love that deer headband...

CVS & Walgreens Drugstore Makeup Haul. I love buying makeup at a drugstore. I never feel the need to buy half the stuff that I end up getting until I'm standing in front of a display at Walgreens. Concealor? SURE. Crackle nail polish? Gotta have it! This blogger's haul has me drooling, bonus points that she got this all in Minneapolis.

Spelunky Mini Figures. Cute!! I loved playing Spelunky, even though it got too hard for me, and I love these little figures even more.

La Carmina's New Travel Show on Huffington Post! How exciting! She's super pretty and equally sweet and I can't wait to see what other places she visits. Watch the first episode here.

GameCenter CX on Kotaku. This has been one of Mark and my favorite shows for a long time, and now Kotaku is releasing subbed, partial episodes! I'm not too happy with some of it (They cut out a lot of content! And the narrator is nearly unbearable..), but its still more than what we had before of it. This show has dozens and dozens and dozens of episodes in Japan, I just wish they were all released here on DVD. Really, really funny.

Tweet Reach. For all of you who are curious about your tweets.

Gabe's True Blood Recaps on Videogum. I love True Blood as much as the next girl, but Gabe's recaps crack me up. Example: "Sookie has a sex dream about Eric. Oh wait, Bill is there too. GROSS. This is going to be VERY GROSS. They all start barfing and wiggling around in the barf and Sookie screams “barf on my face! barf on my face!” and they do."

Anika's Review of the Nike Training Club App. It's downloading right now. I can't believe it is free.

Le Gothique. Awesome blog I found at work; lots of makeup reviews and features like "What's in my bag," which I never get sick of.

Skulls and Bacon. Why not?

Gundam in Pieces Time Lapse. When I was in Odaiba, the only part of the Gundam up were his feet! Now he's torn down in pieces.

Statigram. Because of course I want to know how often I use certain filters .. in pie chart form!! NOW!!! (My most used one is Earlybird, by far!)

Last but not least, here is a video that got me through Monday! "You rock like a pansy, little slap ASS." ILU, Sifl & Olly.


  1. Aww yay, thanks for linking! Let me know what you think of the app. I think the workouts are awesome. :)

    That video is ridiculous aaand Statigram looks pretty neat! Checking it out now.


  2. That video is the bomb, duuuude. No prob for linking <3 cuz I love you!


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