Saturday, August 20, 2011

My My Makeup

I love makeup, just like most girls (and some boys) I know. Admittedly, I'm not the best makeup artist, but I've found what I love, what I can do, and what products work the best for me! Here are some new products I've just found and some old standbys.

Alright, let's see what we have here. On the left are some of my gypsy oils from the Renaissance Festival in Sage, Satyr, Iona, Frankincense & Myrrh, and Untitled (it's a light smell, with white patchouli!). I'm so excited that I'll be back at the RenFest in a few weeks so I can get some more! To the right is a big, cheap face brush from Hot Topic, a brand new angled eyeliner brush from Target, NYC City Curls mascara (haven't used that yet!), and Cover Girl loose powder in Translucent Medium. I have recently started using powder, because I don't like how regular foundation covers my freckles! This is light enough that you can still see my skin, but it just evens it out a little.

To the right of all that are some more new items! Thanks to Irene's Instagram picture, I was adventurous and bought Sonia Kashuk gel eyeliner in ebony. I found it at Target! Next is some new blush from E.L.F. in Mellow Mauve. I'm so sad - my favorite blush, M.A.C. Plum Foolery, is all out and I'm not sure the next time I'll be by a M.A.C. store (or when I can spend that much on more blush), so hopefully this $3 substitute will do the trick until then. Above those are E.L.F. glitter liquid eyeliner in Stardust and the classic N.Y.C. black liquid eyeliner. Down to the right is a stick of M.A.C. white eyeliner (in Fascinating) and E.L.F. black eyeliner pen.

MakeupA good girl's makeup bag is 70% black tubes.

EyeshadowsUnderneath all of that is my favorite part - eyeshadow! I love powder shadow; they are so fun to blend, mix, and play with! I have a LOT of sample size eyeshadow powder pots from Pure Luxe Cosmetics - those size containers are only $1 and they last forever! There are tons that I buy that I don't like, also, so I don't feel bad if I only drop a buck to try them out. Some of my favorites on that site: Chocomint, Chocolate Grapes, Retro, Ballerina, Frou Frou, Tart, and Galaxy. Also shown, my truest love, Sugarpill's Goldilux and Manic Panic Nefertiti. Another item that I need to go buy more of is Urban Decay's Magic Potion foundation cream. Love that!

So what do you think? What do you use! My lovely friend Lara made a post for me on her (sadly, private) journal and thanks to her, I want to go out and buy some new lip glosses! I totally realized that I forgot to post lipstick! But, to be honest - I don't wear it that often. I have M.A.C. Viva Glam in Lady Gaga (bubblegum pink!), but I usually just stick with Burt's Bees and C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve.

I'd love to hear any suggestions or awesome products that you use!


  1. Thanks for the eyeshadow source. My favorite was Taylor Made Minerals--could also get cheap sample jars--but she went out of business. Do you use Urban Decay's eye primer potion? That's my favorite product of all time--it makes everything else possible!

  2. @jesse - I think Channa is the one who found this site first -- I love it! Let me know if you order anything. I have used the eye primer, but I ran out! I do have a sample size of another brand, but I need to get more of the Urban Decay stuff. So good!

  3. okay, now I just spent $20 on sample eyeshadows!!

  4. Oh wow, $1 each!? That's awesome!
    I'll definitely have to check them out. :)

    Right now, I'm totally obsessed with my True Blood for Tarte palette. It's amazing.

  5. Those are some good favorites. Loose pigments are amazing... you can use them for anything: nails, eyes, lips, cheeks... I like your assortment of Pure Luxe!


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