Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10 Things That Cheer Me Up

Everyone has down days. It doesn't mean you're a crabby or unhappy person, it just means you feel a little bummed out. For me, tonight is one of those times. I don't know why! (To be honest, I'm pretty certain that it's lack of sleep. I think after I post this blog, it's off to bed!) I know that I'm happy and lucky with my life, and am very grateful for what I have! But, sometimes I just get antsy and blue for no reason. Luckily for me, I've found a few surefire things that can pull me out of my funk and into a better, more relaxed mood. Luckily for you, I've decided to share! And wouldn't you know it, putting this list together has already started to lift my spirits.

10 Ways to Cheer Up
1.  Watch Mystery Science Theater 3000. More specifically, watch MST3K with Markie. Only Joel episodes, please. Gamera, as pictured here, is pretty much one of the best ever. (Don't forget: Gamera is really neat, Gamera is full of meat!) Nothing can top Eegah, though. To this day, those robots bring me back to the days of watching it on local Minneapolis cable access after SNL was over. Nostalgic, huh? I mean, Prince is great and all, but I think Joel and the bots are what I'm most proud of as a Minnesotan.

2. Look at Maneki Neko collectables. Lo, here begins the inclusion of wishful online browsing into my list. I feel as though I could have catalogs filled with all the maneki nekos that I want. Did you know my next tattoo is a lucky cat? Did you know that I am in love? Now you do. And now I want that little guy I found for this picture. Too bad he's like honestly over $300. Whoops!

3. Drink red wine. And no, not in a get-so-bombed-I-forget-why-I'm-bummed-out way, but in a I'm-going-to-chill-in-my-bathrobe-and-munch-on-popcorn-while-watching-X-Files way. Does this make sense? Add in a fireplace for added coziness. Also, add some melted butter on that popcorn for added yumminess!

4. Wear Victoria's Secret Pink Hoodies. This one that I found is actually the cutest thing I've seen. I was just spoiled recently and my mom gave me the first new one that I've gotten in quite a while. Look! I keep falling asleep wearing it - can you blame me? I was going to add wearing Vickie's boyfriend fit jammie pants, but that really goes without saying.

5. Drink tea. Clearly.

6. Light Yankee Candles. Here are some favorites: Vanilla Cupcake (pictured), Pumpkin Spice, Sage and Citrus, Christmas Cookie, Autumn Harvest - basically anything that smells like food, I guess. They also had a frankincense one that I loved so, so, so much - I think it was a different line? Like an aromatherapy type thing? - but it isn't there any longer. Boo!

7. Crochet. Alternatively, to relax and take my mind off things, I also like to browse Ravelry for hours, bookmark about a dozen patterns, and go to bed without starting a single project. That one isn't so much planned, but it happens mostly all the time.

8. Window shop way out of my budget. This number encompasses those beautiful shoes, as well as the little tea cup earrings above. Like honestly, can you look at those shoes? The blue flower ones. Really. And really not too, too bad for the most beautiful shoes I would be too scared to wear (about $95 and $130 for the red ones), but that's a more-than-a-little more money then my budget allows for new clothes. Those tea set earrings, though. Not too bad, Betsey Johnson -- my birthday IS next month...

9. Play makeup. I recently found my bubble gum pink Lady Gaga Viva Glam lipstick from M.A.C. in an old purse and I may or may not be wearing it right now. I'll admit: sometimes when I'm feeling glum and sorry for myself, I hang out in front of my mirror and give myself "a makeover" like when I was little. It's fun, ALRIGHT?

10. Dream of Japan.This backfires sometimes and makes me even more sad than when I started, but usually it makes me smile. I just have to remember that, while Lost in Translation is my favorite movie, watching it while I'm bummed just makes me more depressed. This picture I found is of an Angelic Pretty (one of my favorite brands) display at Marui One, a shopping center in Shinjuku that I've been to!

Honorable mentions: pet a kitty, snuggle and kiss, cook, listen to Hole, read an old favorite book, go for a walk, plan the next day's outfit, take a long shower or bath, text silly questions to my friends, do a crossword, play sudoku, visit a book store, map out dream tattoos, look at old and funny pictures, get off the computer, fire up my DS for some puzzle games. hop around blogs to find new sites to read, wear not matchy clothes, wear comfy clothes, wear really fancy and cute clothes!, curl my hair, print out new recipes, and listen to Johnny Cash, of course.

I was so crabby today that I pushed over a shed! Just kidding.
Now that I've written this all out, my Sleepy Time tea has had the chance to set in, my caramel pumpkin candle has scented the room, and Sonny has crawled on top of me and has fallen asleep, purring. It's not so bad after all! Night!


  1. Hmm!

    If you want to bum around Kumamoto you can always come visit me--but I have to continue working. There's a night life scene but it's nothing like Tokyo.

  2. aww, awesome list maddy. I've been super down lately and I'm going to give some of this stuff a try!


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