Monday, September 19, 2011

A Day Date with Markie

Today is my boyfriend Mark's birthday! Since today is a yucky Monday, we celebrated on Saturday by spending the day in the cities. I took lots and lots of pictures of our adventures. The last few weekends have been super busy, so it was really awesome just to spend both days together, with nothing else to do. Back to work was not fun, but today I gave Mark his present, (Dragon Quest Monsters 2 on DS), his mom brought over some cookies, and we had Pizza Hut for supper. My parents are taking us out for his birthday on Wednesday and hopefully this weekend we'll go out with some friends!

On the way up! Got stuck behind slow truck full of hay. Yuck!

We ended up getting a pretty late start because we let ourselves sleep in a little too long. I don't think I've gotten to sleep as long as I've wanted for over a month, so I didn't feel all too guilty. I don't remember what else we did, besides eat some Velveeta Shells & Cheese for lunch, but we headed out the door finally at about two! Whoops!

Delicious curry for lunch/supper/whatever you eat at 4:330ish.

We went to a really yummy restaurant in Burnsville named Thai Curry House. We've been there once before and loved it, so of course we had to try it again. We shared the chicken satay for our appetizer and then we both got the yellow curry with two big differences: 1. Mark got beef and I got shrimp and 2. Mark got level 3 out of 5 for spicy-ness and... I got 4. WHY? This question haunts me. It was so incredibly delicious, but it was more like a 100 level spicy-ness. I did not feel well. I slammed my beer and two glasses of water and half of Mark's water. What a bad choice. (The funny thing is I ate the leftovers last night and it was just as hot; I never learn.) 

Waiting for our foods. Before the heat set in. Phew

There was a really weird craft fair going on in the parking lot of the strip mall the curry house is in, so we walked through that after we were finished, party to settle my burning stomach and party to go get some Caribou on the other side of the lot! Iced americano with white chocolate and pumpkin -- my favorite! After that, we went to Toys R Us, tried to go to an old game store but it closed at 5, and then to the mall that I used to work in. 

The two key chains I bought at Toys R Us.

Christmas stuff at Macy's and Hallmark ... YES!! I want that tea set.

Now I don't remember anything else we did. Oh yes, we hung out in those places, went to our favorite record/game store Discland, and then around 8, we went over to the Mall of America! Bummed around there for a while, tried on a dressie at Betsey Johnson, looked at Sephora, the cute Pop! vinyl toys at the Disney Store, FYE and Best Buy. Then we got the heck outta there! There's only so much mega mall you can handle, even 9pm on a Saturday night.

I wanted a dang KMFDM cd.

The Mega Mall in all its glory. I get made fun of for still calling it that.
My dreamiest dreamy dream dress of my dream and real life.

Afterward, we got some chicken nuggets for a naughty birthday night snack, stopped at the grocery store for some food for Sunday, and headed home! We ended up falling asleep to MST3K, like always. All in all, it was a great day together. I like when there is nothing planned, so you don't have to hurry to get places on time or rush or speed through fun things. It was also nice that neither of us had work on Sunday, so we could sleep in again!

What did you do last weekend? What is your idea of the perfect day off? Let me know in the comments! ♥


  1. Sounds like a super fun birthday!! I am such a wimp with spicy food that I'm sure I'd be burning up too. My face always gets sweaty so I say "I'm sweating like an old fat man" haha

    & that dress is soo perfect for you it's ridiculous.


  2. ooooh that dress is so pretty. you are TOO cute!! & i'm envious of your pink hair...i've always wanted to try a fun colour...i just don't have the balls :) lol

  3. Aw, thank you! I need to redye it so bad.. Just do it! It fades and grows and can be redyed! It's so fun :)


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