Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm Totally Crushin'!

Here are some things I love now, today, tomorrow, and always.

Finn's Hair

These pretty eye makeup inspiration pictures!

Disney's POP! Vinyl line. I want Snow White, Mickey, Maleficent & Tinker Bell.

Party Cake Hoodie by MungoCrafts <3

I entered to win my own MungoCrafts hoodie at The Dainty Squid!
How to make a black lace hat ala Pam from True Blood, by makeup genius Goldiestarling.

♥ Head Over Heels by Tears for Fears ♥ 

This guy.
Hahaha, and this guy.

♥ Pizza.

♥ Cathy Miller on Morning Edition, MPR.

My only weakness is .. well, never mind, never mind.
What do you love right now? Is it pizza? I bet it's pizza!


  1. I LOVE Finn's hair!!
    And Moz, always.
    And that hoodie is super cute!

  2. Those hoodies are awesome! Totally just entered the giveaway.

  3. I definitely have the Maleficent! They're so cute.
    & geodes. <3


  4. @Talia, Finn's hair cracks me up every time. "CHECK THIS OUT!!"

    @Nicole, I know, right? Too bad there are like 500 entries. :/

    @Anika, where did you find it?! I saw the dolls at the Disney store at the MOA, but no Maleficent. Just a lot of Pinnochio and I don't want that BLAH!


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