Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday, too! (Late: I Don't Care if Monday's Blue) #3

Dearies, I'm back! Well .. I've been back since Monday night, midnight-ish, but I just haven't had time to sit down at my computer since. Actually, I really should be in bed NOW, but I wanted to pop this out quick for my own peace of mind. I've been collecting fun sites for my weekly link round-up, so I can't afford to miss one! Sorry that my Monday link-post is so late, BUT ... here it is. Finally! (Expect a RenFest post soon; I have tons of pictures!)

Missy Me, eating a turkey leg at the Ren Fest.

Gamer of the Future. Some (sad, to me) infographics on what gamers are right now. Dang..

Touch Me! Buttons. Little stickers to go over the button on your iWhatever. Yum!

Halloween at Yankee Candle! Awesome write-up on this cute stuff. Second best, only to Macy's Christmas displays ...

Will Ferrell + John C. Reilly as Animals. A cool boy at work emailed me this link and I laughed very loud at my cubicle. Warning: it's weird. And glorious.

Twinkie + Shrinkle. Best combo ever? Pictures from a party for Twinkie's awesome crochet book.

"A Simple Plan" shirt. Someone buy me this rad Space Invaders shirt. I'll take it in a hoodie, please.

♥ Speaking of, check out these Space Invaders Ceiling Tiles. COOL, right?!

OK, that's it! I will be back sometime soon for more talky, linky, listy. I'm clearly delirious over lack of sleep, so it's best for all of us involved if I just end this post now. XOXO.

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  1. I love Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly's friendship so much! & yes, those Space Invader ceiling tiles are super cool. <3


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