Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What I've Been Looking At Lately!

Well, today was kind of a bust. The good news is that it's almost over! I did have a little lucky break and had my Game Boy gloves mentioned on a decent-sized website, so I've gotten way more traffic today than usual! So, with that said - I wanted to be sure to write today! Here are some sites and videos that I've been enjoying recently. I hope you like them, too!

MaDonna Jean VestThis morning! Zzzzzz....

♥ Ever wanted to know what it's like to be married to a Russian ballroom dancer? Read Like the Vodka and you'll find out!

♥ If you need inspiration for your costume this year, here's a photo gallery of a ton of celebrity Halloween looks.

Evolution of the Geek infographic. Which are you? I think I fit in somewhere with the Pop Culture geeks.

No Marios, an awesome art tumblr featuring portraits of all your favorite video game characters that don't get enough attention. AND she drew Arino from Game Center CX, as seen above, so .. that's where I fall in love.

Tutorial: How to Bat-ify your House -- a sweet tutorial (with awesome pictures!) of an easy way to decorate for Halloween. Now .. off to buy a ream of black construction paper.

♥ Are your shorts too short or do you just want to add a cute detail to your cut-offs? Take a peeksie at this: DIY Vintage Lace Trimmed Shorts. How cute would it be over some bright colored tights?! (I'm thinking merlot-toned. Yummmm...)

How to Sew a Lining into a Crochet Bag. Can you tell I've been feeling very crafty lately?

♥ A recipe! Fried Olives Stuffed with Cheese and Herbs. Oh, alright - if you insist! - I'll eat a million.

Cute Japanese promo video for Solatorobo on DS. Includes cute cat. Obviously.

How to curl your hair just using a sock! No heat. Hmmm .. I think I'll try this tonight.

I finished watching Breaking Bad season one last night. Here they are on The Soup, back in 2009. "My nana, she's got mad connections!" A happier moment with Walt & Jessie :')

Me! MaDonna!

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  1. ha! I'm probably a pop culture geek/book geek/theatre geek/film geek/music geek - umm, can't decide. ;)

    & that olive recipe sounds seriously delicious!

    <3 anikaguldstrand.wordpress.com


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