Saturday, October 15, 2011


Happy weekend! Have you all been enjoying it? I have! My fun started yesterday after work - Markie and I ran some errands, ate at our favorite restaurant (Yu's!), got some yummy coffee treats and read magazines at Barnes and Noble, and stopped at WalMart (I know) for some candy, yarn and cozy sweatpants. We didn't get home until late and I pretty much fell asleep watching Dune, crocheting my new project! My Winter Cowl!

Here is my confession: I have started many cowls in my crochet-lifetime, but I have never finished one that I thought was comfy enough or cute enough to wear. Usually I haven't even finished them because I knew it was a waste. But this one .. I love it! The yarn is Lion Brand's Hometown USA in Los Angeles Tan and I used the Time Out Cowl pattern from the Lion Brand website. So easy! I also bought an N hook last night and I finished the whole project in probably five hours total, if that. I even took time out to wrap my skein into a cute little yarn ball! (So much nicer, I will do this from now on.) The yarn is super soft, thick, and bulky - it worked up super fast, but it took about three and a half skeins to make it. It's pretty big, though! The skeins were only $3.50sih, too.

Cute little yarn ball!

The N hook is my biggest one!

Mr. White kept me company during my morning crafting.


The cowl is big enough that I can wear it as a hood and it doesn't choke me AND covers the back of my head and neck. Every other cowl seems so small and kind of pointless. I think the yarn is what makes it so awesome - it's really scrunchie and not scratchy at all. I would definitely recommend it! There are lots of pretty colors, too. Oh, Lion Brand! You got me again! The only thing I would say is to reallyyyy pay attention to the dye lot - everyone always says this and I've never run into anything too crazy, but I had to have Mark pick me up the last one this morning so it would be long enough and the colors were very different. Luckily it was only for like four rows and with it all twisted and wrapped around me, it's not noticeable. Do you have a cowl? Would you ever wear one? I am wondering if more people like this - what a quick and easy gift idea! Half a day project, perfect for my attention span.


  1. That cowl looks lovely! I've seen so many crocheted and knitted wonders lately that it really makes me want to learn how to make cute things too!

  2. @Sam - Thank you! You should, just keep with it. I've only been crocheting for about a year now - I watched a LOT of videos to help me learn. Just look on YouTube, that way you can watch each stitch as slow as you need, pause when you need, and repeat as much as you'd like! Then just jump into a pattern, because it's fun! <3

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  4. I totally LOVE your cowl! I know I've been saying it for awhile, but I totally want to learn how to crochet. You are my inspiration!!!

  5. I love it!! I've totally wanted to make cowls, but there's really no good time to wear them in Southern California, haha ;)

    <3 Anika

  6. @Meli, you can do it! Watch videos online & text or email me for helpsies!

    @Anika, you go on vacations to snowy places ;)

  7. i LOOOOOVE cowls or tunnel scarves of infinity or circle or whatever you want to call 'em! haha i have a ton of them and come cold weather wear one every single day. they'd be great gift ideas!


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