Thursday, October 20, 2011

In Love with Neko Mimi Knit Poncho

It has been so windy and gloomy lately and that's okay with me! I don't mind the chilly weather, in fact, as I'm sure you may have gathered, I prefer it - but sometimes it is just too cold to wear what you like. I love my dressies and shorts and I can keep on wearing them with the help of boots, leggings and socks! I love layering and I love combining patterns, textures, colors.. And then I came across the Neko Mimi Knit Poncho from HELLCATPUNKS and I fell head over heals. How cute, no? The hearts, the hood, the pompoms, the tail ... I'm drooling. I never knew I wanted a poncho so bad until now. So here is the outfit I came up with around the poncho!

Click here for store info & prices!

Do you see? The poncho. It comes in off-white, too, but the black is lovely. Also, this really makes me want to get a pair of scallop-edged shorts.The legwarmers that are on the far left are from Old Navy and if you find them on the website, you can see all the styles they come in, including a really pretty cream named Marshmallow White. AND they're only $8. Looks like I'm going to have to take a trip to Old Navy soon...

The cold weather always makes me want to listen to dreamy goth and shoe-gaze, so for your enjoyment, here is the new M83 single "Midnight City:"


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