Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September 2011

Inspired by my lovely Anika, I've decided to do a MONTH IN REVIEW POST! Because it looked so fun and it was so fun to read hers. Thanks, girl! September went by in a blur. It started with the Renaissance and ended with a night of panic, rushing to prepare for a crazy weekend that was the start of October!

  •  Belly Dance as the Renaissance Festival! Dancing at the fest is something I look forward to all year, and thanks to Labor Day, we got to be up there for three whole days!
  • Day Date with Markie! Spending the whole day in the cities, just me & Markie, eating yummy food? Of course it was one of my favorite parts of September. 
  • Tea Time, Please! I drank a lot of that echinacea complete care today..


  • Adventure Time! The first collection came out on DVD last week and I for sure picked it up, even though I'm tiny bit strapped for cash. It was only $10 and it's totally worth it. 
  • The National. Definitely in love with this music; click that link for an awesome song. (Skip to about :40 to bypass pre-music silliness in the video.) My friend, Jason, recommended it at work, and it has saved me in many stressful situations. 
  • Tiny Tower. Seriously, I can't stop. Won't stop. I'm on floor 78! Just imagine what I'd be like if I had an iPhone, and didn't have to rely on public wifi. WINK!
  • Breaking Bad. I still haven't started the second season, but after a week or so when I have free time again, I know I'll start it back up. So good, yet so depressing. But so good.
  • Billy Madison. Uhhh, it's been on TV a lot lately and I can't say that we didn't pretty much watch it twice in a row yesterday. Stop looking at me, swan!

  • Dancing at Pride Fest ♥ St. Peter Folk Festival ♥ Like the rest of the world, Iced Pumpkin Spice Lattes ♥ Starting an awesome new, slower dance at class ♥ My Game Boy gloves being posted at GoNintendo.com ♥ Parks & Rec starting again ♥ Listening to Markie play Dragon Quest on DS ♥ My first Monster High doll (Abbey Bominable) ♥ Getting to share some homemade cookies Mark's mom made for his birthday ♥ Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts ♥ Trying and smelling all my new incense from the Renaissance (I got 100 sticks for $10!) ♥ Picking up two shifts at Hot Topic (haha, a little extra spending money) ♥ Bloody Mary mix made with Clamato (Channa is the best)

  •  The Wedding! Corey and Channa's wedding is barreling ahead - it's on the 8th! I'm so excited! (Also to come, my post on the Bachelorette Party!)
  • My birthday! We will see how 26 feels. I haven't planned anything yet at ALL. The wedding has me all enchanted with true love planning and maid of honor duties, that my birthday is definitely on the back burner (and that's ok!) -- I am hoping for a tattoo gift card though. Fingers crossed!
  • Halloween. Obviously. I still don't know what I'm going to be, yet! (That's a straight up lie, I just don't know if I'll be too chicken to actually pull it off.) 
  • Ghostbusters on the Big Screen. Is it playing in MN at all? I HOPE SO!
  • More blogging! My goal is to break 20 posts for the month. Can I do it? I'll try! I've passed 3000 views & I can't believe it! Thank you to everyone for reading.
How was September for you? I want to see your posts!


  1. I love this idea!!!!!
    Stealing it as well :)

    & YOU are beautiful, my dear <3


  2. Aww yay, I'm so glad you're trying it out too! I'm still trying to refine categories for every month & all that. I like how you set it up. :) Mine seems too long haha

    & ahhhh Tiny Tower - so obsessed! It's ridiculous.

  3. @Meli, thank you darling!

    @Anika, I like yours! Not too long at all. :)


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