Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Walk on the State Trail

We've been hearing rumors that this winter is going to be just as snowy as last year. So, we took today as an opportunity to enjoy the perfect fall weather before the snow starts to fall. (Speaking of, did I mention I saw a little snowflake when we were leaving work on Friday? Yikes!) The state trail goes through the closest town to our house, so got bundled up and headed on over. Here are some pretty pictures from the trip!

Whenever we walk on the state trail, I feel like we're in the shire!

With my new cowl! It worked perfectly!

Don't let the blue sky fool you! It was pretty chilly & windy. Choppy waves.

I couldn't see when I took this photo, so I just snapped and a GHOST WAS THERE. Call TAPS.

I like this one :3

We climbed under the bridge!

After I took this, I exclaimed "Tex-tuuures." Very Pauly Shore, Mark said.

It was so fun! It's a nice long walk - we took it a little slower than usual today, stopping to take pictures and to climb under bridges, so it was about an hour and a half round trip. Where is your favorite place to walk? I love the fall!


  1. Aww your shots are so pretty! I love it & I love that you got to wear your cowl. :) Whenever Anne & I used to go in Golden Gate Park, I always said it reminded me of The Shire, haha <3

    <3 Anika

  2. I know, I thought of that! So fun!


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