Friday, November 4, 2011

40+ Lifestyle & Fashion Tips for Late Autumn

Here are some fun things to make November sweet and lovely. Let me know in the comments what you plan on doing to make the month a great one!

Drink yummy holiday drinks, like gingerbread lattes ♥ Make your own homemade hot cocoa with double the chocolate and extra marshmallows ♥ Light dessert-scented candles all around your house ♥ Become an expert on tea leaf divination ♥ Play DS under your covers after midnight ♥ Buy a rainbow of new nail polish colors ♥ Experiment with patterns and colors, like hot pink leopard print or grey-on-grey stripes ♥ Listen to the middle school episode of This American Life (download it!) ♥ Revel in the fact that you are not in the itchy tattoo healing phase like i am :( ♥ Go check out the selection of Hometown USA Lion's Brand Yarn ♥ Listen to "Y Control" by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs ♥

Gingerbread Latte

Pet white furred kittens ♥ Stock up on Halloween candy and decoration clearance ♥ Look at every single MILKBBI drawing ♥ Experiment by putting funny toppings on popcorn (ginger, cinnamon, garlic salt, onion powder, m&ms!) ♥ Take a nap and cover all the windows ♥ Download new apps on your smart phone device! (I recommend Canimals Diary!) ♥ Start on your holiday wishlist, not just for you, but what you want to buy for your family and friends ♥ Rent movies from when you were little (My most recent selection? What About Bob and Clue) and have a marathon ♥ Start dressing your walls with twinkle lights; I want them running up my staircase and wrapped around my bed's headboard ♥

Professor Layton

Organize your makeup. Throw away what you won't use anymore. Toss and replace nasty brushes, give the others through washes. Create a cute display on your counter and call out the colors you want to wear this month. Gold? Sage? I want to try some dark, merlots and plums. New to me! ♥ Stripes! Always. On your leggings, shirts, nails.. Where else? ♥ Take a trip to a used bookstore and find fashion magazines from years ago ♥ Go to the drug store and pick out one product you never thought you'd use, just to try it out. On my list: dry shampoo. ♥ Reorganize your bedroom according to Gala's Feng-Shui article ♥ Redo the colors of your bedspread and blankets ♥ Create a thrift store scavenger hunt or bingo to play with your friends ♥

Fingernail Polish

Invest in some nice, thick leggings and knee high socks ♥ Write a letter to your grandparents ♥ Type "Lullatone" into Pandora and take a cat nap on the couch ♥ Make it a personal goal to comment on ten blogs a day, and at least 4 of them have to be new to you ♥ Find a way to log every fun idea you have, whether its in a little notebook you carry or a section of your daily planner or on your computer or phone. Look at it at the end of every week and see how to carry out the ideas? ♥ Survey your friends through mass texts! (My favorite in the past: "What is your mom's favorite swear word?" Other ideas "What's for supper tonight?" "What was the first CD you bought?" "When is the last time you stayed up all night?") ♥

Divination cup for reading tea leaves

Start your own fashion board by printing out pictures or cutting them out of magazines. What inspires you? ♥ Organize a clothing swap with your friends ♥ Find a new recipe that scares you and try it on your next day off ♥ Bake peanut butter cookies ♥ Switch out old pictures in frames. Or better yet - buy new ones! Thrift stores have unique, inexpensive frames, of course! ♥ Take up bellydance! You'll love it.  ♥ Shine your boots! I'm always surprised at how they look afterward! ♥ Pick up some Vanilla Bean Noel body wash from Bath and Body Works ♥ Learn a new craft. I want to knit, STILL. Ugh. ♥ Start a journal - handwritten! ♥ Play Sudoku ♥ Buy flowers in pretty fall colors ♥


  1. I like a lot of these, and while most of my time will be taken up by NaNoWriMo, some of these will make fantastic rewards for myself when I make word counts :)

    Thanks for posting, this is so cute and cozy :3

  2. Great! You can do a lot of them WHILE doing NaNoWriMo (cocoa!!) I'm glad you like them!

  3. I want to knit too! :) Maybe we should learn together and it would be easier! Hehe...I just can't deal with two needles at once!

  4. I want to do all those things!!!!


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