Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FINISHED PROJECT: Christmas Lights

Merry Christmas! I'm definitely in the holiday spirit and have finished my first decoration of the season: Christmas lights! Okay, okay, they are a little silly, but I think they are kitschy-cute. If Markie gets sick of them above the sink, I think they would look mighty sweet strung up in my cubicle. We'll see, though! I think that they'd make doing dishes just a little cheerier.

Crochet Christmas Ornaments
Look at that piggy!
How cute, right?! I used this pattern and it really took about two night's worth of work. I could make about two bulbs an hour once I got used to the pattern. After that I just made a really long chain, turned and single crocheted back and then tied each ornament in the cord. Mark says it should've been green, but... I picked grey. 

Crochet Christmas Decorations

The yellow yarn I used was a little funny - too thin and shiny, which made the bulbs smaller than the others - but it was such a pretty color. (I got it label-less in a yarn swap.) I used all scraps of what I already had, so the colors weren't exactly what I would choose (I would've liked a blue and a brighter green), BUT I like it! I know the red was Red Heart, but besides that it was all Lion Brand. The purple was Vanna's Choice eggplant. The green was missing it's label, but I know it was a Vanna's Choice of some type. Oh, and the grey was Lion Brand's Wool-Ease. I used an F hook for the bulbs and an H for the chain.

Crocheted Christmas Lights

Yay! I love it! Next, I would like to make some Christmas-colored scalloped bunting to go above the huge door frame between the living room and the sitting room. For that project, though, I will most likely go pick out the perfect colors instead of stash-busting. Have you started decorating yet? What are you planning on making this year? I'm so excited; we're getting our tree on Saturday. I can't wait to take out all of my favorite ornaments and put them in the perfect spots on the tree! Soon, soon, soon!
Me! MaDonna!


  1. This is soo ridiculously cute!! Love. It. ;)

  2. Clever use of your stash. Great job.

  3. I absolutely love them! So festive!!!


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