Saturday, November 19, 2011

RakStar at the Festival of Oriental Dance Juried Show

Back in early October, RakStar got a little note on our Facebook about dancing at the Festival of Oriental Dance in Minneapolis. I emailed the woman in charge and it turns out it was a juried performance, and we were invited to dance in it! At first, we were all nervous by the sound of "juried" - was it judged? A competition? But, I asked and juried meant that a panel at the dance studio, Jawaahir, saw us and chose us to be a part of the show. How flattering and awesome! We went and danced on Thursday night and it was so amazing.

A few of us got to go up early in the day to see some free lectures and take a free dance class during the festival, but the rest of us came up together once we all go off of work. When the second group of us got up there, the rest of the girls were still in a lecture, so we walked down Hennepin to go to Tao, an organic cafe and restaurant that is so incredibly yummy.

It was healthy happy hour! My veggies & rice, with mint tea.

Erika and I shared a delicious wheat grass shot. 2-4-1s during happy hour!

We finally met up with everyone around six and started getting ready for the quick tech rehearsal and the show! We were second to last out of twelve performers in two acts, so we had a little time to get ready and to go see the vendors that were at the festival.

I found a new coin belt and hair flower at Dahlah's section in the vendor area. I can't say no!

Another group that performed. They were two before us, though, so we couldn't watch. Bummer!

Cat, Me, Channa, Lyra, Dani, Erika, Liz - The RakStars that could make it! (Sadly, missing three!)

Dreaming about her greasy green veil's last performance.

Time to go home! It was late for a Thursday in the cities! We left a little after 10.

"Here, eat a cold french fry!"

It was a great show.  It was so fun to watch all the other performers that were selected to dance in the show, as well as to dance for them! We did our skirt dance, choreographed by Coley, to a Rodrigo y Gabriella song, and then our veil dance, choreographed by Channa, to Jimmy by M.I.A. I'm excited now because I get to go to Coley's baby shower in a few hours and see all the girls, even the ones missing from Thursday night, and hang out!

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