Monday, November 21, 2011

Snowy Saturday

Saturday was the first real snowy day of the year! It started as rain, then sleet, then thick fluffy snow! I was so excited, minus the fact that I had to take the half-hour country drive to town. BUT, I was driving to Coley's baby shower, so it was all for a good reason. As I headed out, I snapped a few photos of how pretty the white snow looked against the farm background.

And thus begins the season of my non-sensible winter shoes.

It was very pretty, but I didn't have fun driving. The snow was coming down pretty thick and the first snow of the season always brings out the worst in drivers.But, I made it safe and sound to my destination and by the end of the night, the roads were melty enough that my drive home was just fine., what are you excited for?

Baking cookies ♥ The first time to light the Christmas tree ♥ Cuddling and watching Christmas movies at night ♥ The quiet of the snow in the country, with nowhere to go ♥ Red wine and blogging (right now!) ♥ Putting together Christmas lists ♥ Buying gifts for everyone ♥ Crocheting new things; I want to try Tunisian crochet ♥ Making new pies ♥ Bringing Thanksgiving leftovers to work on Friday ♥ Only working 7-12 on Black Friday! (Only five hours?!) ♥ Buying new mittens ♥ Cinnamon Tea ♥ Putting together my first Christmas mix of the season ♥ Making a DIY lamp with a clear cookie jar & white twinkle lights ♥ New ornaments from Crate & Barrel ♥ Wrapping presents ♥ Secret Salame at belly dance ♥ Sales! Sales on yarn, more specifically ♥ Spending time with family ♥ Mashed potatos ♥ Gingerbread ♥ Tom & Jerry egg nog mix ♥ Browsing Etsy for the perfect gift for everyone ♥ Fa La Lattes ♥ Cheesy Christmas jewelry and hair clips at Claire's and Gymboree ♥ Oi to the World ♥ Red and white nails ♥ The unopened box of candy canes I bought tonight at Menards

Red wine, white snow, and new matryoshka stacking glasses. ♥

Let me know what you are looking forward to! I'm ready to be festive, of course! 


  1. This winter, I'm really looking forward to celebrating(or trying to celebrate) my first Hanukkah in my first Minneapolis apartment. (Hoping to teach myself how to knit and sew some dresses during the break, as well)

  2. I'm looking forward to all the baking I plan on doing, and spending time with family.

  3. haa I love your non-sensible winter shoes. ;)
    We won't quite get snow, but I'm still looking forward to fires in the fireplace on cool nights!

    <3 Anika


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