Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday Funday in Edina

Markie and I went on a fun day trip to the Twin Cities yesterday! More specifically, Edina and Eden Prairie. We woke up and, even though cosy at home is fun sometimes, we decided we wanted to go on a quick adventure. Especially if Big Bowl Express was in store. And it was!

What's that playing on my iPod? "Head Over Heels," of course!

Big Bowl Express! In the Edina Byerlys. Yellow curry, panang chicken, jasmine rice. :3

We saw this Yorkie bar in the UK section. Why just for boys, hm? No one has answered me!

Grabbed some Bou, of course. Iced white americano, of course.

Next, we went to Southdale. The very first indoor mall in the US!

My outfit that day!

Hmmmmm.. then I tried on this cute kitty dress at H&M.

And I bought it! I love it!

We stopped at the Barnes in the Eden Prairie Mall (where Mallrats was filmed!) and I picked up this cute magazine from the UK. It came with everything to make that coin purse! But, not glue. :<

When we got home, I took my leftover apples & dough from my apple pie and made four little pies. They are so cute!

All in all, it was a very good day. I got Big Bowl, yummy coffee treats, a new dressie, a fun walk through the Galleria and Southdale in Edina, a visit to the very first Best Buy!, and of course, a fun day with my Markie. I loved that the night ended with crochet and mini apple pies. Sundays aren't so bad when they're like this one. ♥


  1. <3 H&M
    That dress is adorable!
    Cities trips are super fun.

  2. It looks like you had a fantastic day! I love the dress!! The print is adorable!

  3. back in the day yorkies were kinda pushed at the manly chocolate for truckers.. its more of a tongue in cheek thing now!

    see this very old ad..

  4. Love the tights and dress, you're so cute!! Thanks for the comment on my blog btw!

    I've never understood Yorkies, its cause apparently truck drivers eat them? I suppose all other chocolate adverts have women in them so ... even it out? Crazy!! x

  5. Very cute outfit! & kitty dress!
    I love hearing about your fun outings. :)

    <3 Anika

  6. I love your tights! And obvi that cat going to a h&m in co...we might end up with the same dress hehehe!


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