Saturday, November 5, 2011

5 FREE Crochet Patterns (That I Want to Try!)

Thank goodness for the internet, hm? I do love my crochet books (Twinkie's gingerbread man was the first pattern I ever followed!), but sites like Ravelry, plain old google searches, and craft blogs have provided me with so many patterns that I can count! I love it, too, especially on Ravelry that you can see other people's projects and their progress and also hear about what yarn they used, what they thought, what they changed, or what they did different. The weather is getting colder and, like always, this yarn craft is on my mind! Here are a list of some FREE patterns that I've found online that I am dying to try. Some of these are on Ravelry, which you need to have an account to see, but it is free! So join, it is so worth it!

Isn't this beautiful? Like I said to Twinkie & Miss Kelly-Anne on twitter, this seems like a wonderful excuse to go out and buy a ton of new yarn. I've done flowers like this in the past, but only for three rounds! Lucy also gives you instructions on how to create a flat back to use as the underside of the cushion. So pretty.

I love this one! This link isn't exactly a pattern, but more of an inspiration. She mentions what she does, though: three rows DC in one color, one row SC in back loop only in white, and then three rows DC in new color, etc. I've commented to see how many chains she made on the starting row. How cosy does this look? Still a lot of work, but for a blanket it doesn't see as daunting as 100+ granny square motifs, no? Just a lot of yarn, but way less ends to weave in! Hm, I'm starting to like this one more and more.

Cute! Doesn't seem like it is all that time consuming either. Might spruce up my cubicle with it! Hmm, or about door frames or my staircase or, oh, anywhere! Where would you put it?

I haven't made a doily since my first one, but this one looks so beautiful. I have a set of tiny little needles and a lot of hand-me-down yarn thread, so maybe before I jump into a huge blanket project, I'll try to bust this doily out.

Pretty! I would love a huge blanket of these! With white in between, or a dark dark purple. Or this would be a pretty bag, too! For those of you who have completed huge, blanket-sized projects, how do you manage? How long does it take? Do you work on other projects at the same time or do you soldier through and work on that and only that for months straight? Eeek! I'm so scared. I don't know if I could ever finish such a large project ... But I want to try! 2012 goal!

Not crochet! ;) Enjoy my caboodle, please!

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