Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Typical Winter Outfit

When winter rolls along, my clothing style transforms into something that could be considered "bag lady" or crazy person. I've never cared for matching patterns and colors or avoiding clashing items in my outfits, and so when the cold weather comes around, I start adding layers without a thought or worry. I like to lay my clothes out the night before, for maximum snooze-button opportunities in the morning; however, I'm usually very cold when I wake up, so a cute dress with leggings soon is matched with a v-neck sweater and then a pair of legwarmers from my dresser and also my scarf that I wore yesterday, oh, and another pair of knee-high socks - not those, the clean ones - and I clearly can't forget my coat, but I should probably throw a hoodie on, too, just in case. Oh, and you know that one scarf is more cute than warm, so I might as well grab another one, and... by the time I head out the door, I kind of look like Joey from the episode where he wears all of Chandler's clothes. Alright, I might be exaggerating a little, but I sometimes like to count the number of layers on my body at any given time during the winter, just for funsies. It's like a Midwest rite of passage. Oh, you only have 2 shirts on? What's wrong with you?

Dress: Old Navy
Hoodie: Victoria's Secret
Scarf and Purse: Maurices
Jacket: American Eagle
Leggings: Target
Socks: Hm! Dunno.. 
Boots, not showing: Docs

Winter makes me want to hoard, to stay in and to rest, preserve my energy. To cover myself in layer and layer of cosy clothes and sleep through the dreary days. Although, it does make me want to create, too, however cheesy that sounds. (It makes me want to make doesn't have the same eloquence, I guess.) When I do finally have a night of free time, I'm suddenly cursed with too much that I want to do, and usually end up with nothing. Crochet? Write? Draw for once in my life? Study and learn, and find out tips for what I want to do? Tonight I wanted to get a good start on three blog posts and come up with ideas of guest articles to write. Instead I researched FELT for a good 45 minutes and then browsed coffee-colored dresses on Polyvore for an hour. You win some, you lose some! FELT. Really. And I came up with nothing! If you have any good felt suggestions, let a sister know.
Me! MaDonna!


  1. "Winter makes me want to hoard, to stay in and to rest, preserve my energy."

    I always feel like this too. Especially after I moved into the 'snow belt' area north of my hometown about 5 years ago.

    I cook curry a lot when it's a dreary winter of snow/rain. Crockpot, throw stuff in, leave it on low. I can prob give you a recipe for a red beef and potato curry if you're interested.

    I take winter to repair/hem clothes and other household stuff. I play music a lot more in the winter, and read a lot more too. lol

  2. I just have to say that I love your yellow jacket! My winter jacket is gray, it's beautiful but I'm always trying to add more color in my outfit when I'll be out and about.

  3. Thanks guys! Cammy, I'd love that recipe! :9 We eat curry year round, but it's especially yummy when it is cold out!

    @Jamie and @Sam - how cute, right? It's actually a hand-me-down from my little sister!

  4. Love the pop of the yellow jacket with this outfit x Sushi

  5. That jacket is too sweet :) I really like this outfit!

  6. I love the layering! Some days I wear two coats. TWO COATS! What else can you do in winter, though, eh? Your yellow coat is gorgeous!


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