Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vintage Dreams (And Broken Hearts)

I don't go to the thrift store that often. I really should, but I've just never seemed to have good luck there. I see crusty old t-shirts, broken Christmas lights, and dingy shoes and belts. I can never seem to find the little gems hidden in the not-so-amazing items, so I kind of give up and don't bother visiting for that often. Some people are great at this game - Mark's sister can find the most beautiful and fancy stuff at TJ Maxx, a friend of mine from dance seems to find treasures weekly, stuff that I couldn't even find on Etsy or eBay, but not me.

However, that changed on Thursday! I had broken my cell phone the night before and took my lunch break that day to drop it off to be replaced. It took way quicker than I thought at Sprint, so as I wandered out of the store, the thrift shop next door caught my eye. I was feeling good about the speediness of the first errand, so I decided to just walk in. I honestly was wondering if I could find any knitting hooks, crochet needles, or books and magazines about crafting. Wandering around, I gave clothes a try, even though I did not have high hopes.

I was wrong!

I found the most beautiful dresses that, when I tried them on, fit perfectly! I couldn't believe it! They were only $9, but the sign I saw at the front of the store told me that everything turned half off at 4 PM on Thursdays. It was only two, but I knew I was coming back after work to pick up my cell phone, so I could buy the dresses then.

The third (and my favorite dress) that I found.

I asked an employee quick if they held items at all and she gave me an unhappy "no," which - whatever! - it doesn't hurt to ask. I wasn't too worried when I put the dresses back on the Vintage rack. There were three that I loved, and one that I only kind of liked, so that even if one sold in the three hours until I'd be back, there would still be some left over. And they'd all be $4.50! So I left, went back to work, and was excited that I finally found some vintage treasures in the middle of a garage sale of unwanted merchandise.

Mark and I came back after work. We stopped at the cell phone store and was happy that I got a free replacement, thanks to the fact that I have a cheap phone and insurance. Easy! We stopped next door to pick up the dressies and ... they were gone. They were gone! All four, even the one I only kind of liked! I searched everywhere, looked at different racks, back at the dressing room, but they were all gone. Hopefully, to a new home. However, I was heartbroken. I was so excited - that turquoise dress, the red floral .. all my outfit ideas were suddenly obsolete! I moped a bit, cursed myself for waiting instead of just buying at least one right away, and acted like a baby. Markie realized I was crabby, though, and did the best thing to cheer me up ...


When we got there, I saw that the fancy Mac & Cheese dishes were back and suddenly the dresses seemed like not such a big deal. We both got the Truffle Mac, with portabella mushrooms, truffle oil, and breadcrumbs - I got it with shrimp and Markie added parmesan-crusted chicken. Delicious!

MORALS OF THE STORY: If you see something you want, just get it! The saved $4.50 isn't worth it. Next - if you think you can never find anything at a thrift store, you are wrong! And last, if you get crabby - Noodles will help. Always.

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  1. Aww that would've bummed me out too! I really love that third one. I'm the same way about the thrift store though! I never go in because I never see anything good. I'll have to give them a try again sometime. :)

    Yay for yummy mac&cheese though. <33

    <3 Anika


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