Sunday, November 27, 2011

What I Wore: Thanksgiving Edition

Hi! How is everyone's weekend? Like I said, I had to work yesterday to make up some time from being sick on Tuesday/Wednesday, so my weekend is pretty short, but I'm making the most of it! I stayed up too late crocheting and watching the Friends marathon on Nick at Nite (I think!). I've been baking up a storm this morning and have been crocheting since. I decided to give my hooking hands a break to do a little outfit post!

H&M Kitty Print Dress
Special Guest Star: Lydia, one of my baby sisters!
(Funny how she's taller than me, hm?)

Dress: My new H&M kitty dress
Scarf: Maurices
Cardigan: Delia*s
Tights & Legwarmers: Hm! I would say Target and Pennies? I don't remember!
Shoes: (Not shown, obv!) These bow ones from Charlotte Russe

It was a fun day! I love my kitty dress; it's so comfy and cute and it can be casual or dressed up a little, perfect for holiday family gatherings. I was unhappy, though, because my tights got a little run in the toe at my parents and by the end of the night, the run was up underneath my knee. Hidden by the legwarmers, at least! It was so warm that day, too - almost 60 degrees! - so that is all I wore, no coat or anything else.

What have I been up to today?
Like I said, baking and crochet! I made a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough last night and let it sit in the fridge while we slept. It was so nice to wake up to already made, homemade cookie dough, ready to be put in the oven! And that's what I did. 50+ cookies later, Markie and I were set. I also put together a green bean hotdish really quick. I've been craving it so much lately for some reason, and all the grocery stores have a ton of displays with all the ingredients all put together, so I picked that up at Cub on my way home from work Saturday. (So cheap, two cans of cream of mushroom, two cans of green beans, fried onions, and milk.) As for crochet... as you probably know, I've been more-than-itchy to make a full-size afghan since I finished Coley's baby blanket. So, of course, I had to crochet a bag to put all the granny square stuff in, right?! (It makes no sense to me either.) I am in love with Lucy from Attic24 and am in the middle of this bag from the pattern on her blog. Very easy, just time consuming. It's taking a little longer than I thought, but not too bad.

Baking, Crochet, Coffee, and Cookies
Top Row: My cookies cooling | The base of my bag (huge!)
Bottom Row: Coffee with a candy cane | Green bean hot dish!

Well, I hope everyone had a lovely Sunday! (We will just ignore the Vikings game.) I'm back to crochet and to heat up some leftover pasta with mushrooms that I made last night. Bye! ♥
Me! MaDonna!


  1. Nice story about your Thanksgiving weekend!! :))And I want some of those cookies :)))

    Luv ya

  2. You look great!! Very cozy.
    & I can't wait to see the bag and blanket. ;)

  3. You made me crave more green bean goodness! We had some on Thanksgiving, but now I might have to make more tonight! YUMMMY!!!!


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