Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Camel Party

Every year, for more than 30 years in a row, there is a party in Minneapolis called the Camel Party. It's at the house of the friends of my best friend's parents. I remember hearing about Claire going every first Saturday in December, and finally, in middle school, I got to start going, too! It's the most perfect Christmas party you can imagine -- the house is packed with people, there is a huge buffet of amazing food and desserts, we sing a whole book of carols every year, there are awesome traditions (the band that plays the music for the carol are all men in dresses! Also the hostess, Gloria, has over five costume changes throughout the whole party), and Santa comes! Other favorite traditions include the multiple playings of "Who Let the Dogs Out?," the dance to Jackson 5's "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" by Gloria, Santa, and Rasta Claus, and late-night dancing to "Free Nelson Mandela." Notable guests? The mayor! Also, Bobby McFerrin of "Don't Worry, Be Happy" fame. It's a blast, to say the least. I had missed last year due to awful weather, so we knew we had to make it up this time! The weather wasn't amazing, but we did it!

Mark and I slowly drove up to Minneapolis in the snowy, snowy weather last Saturday. We stopped at my good friend Teddy's apartment near Uptown to go to the party with him. Our other friend, Mark, was there, too! Surprise! The roads weren't amazing, and our trip was nearly double because of the conditions, so my Mark didn't really care to drive in Minneapolis to a place he'd never driven before. However, Teddy and other-Mark were not in the right condition to drive either, so we decided to walk! It was so pretty out, and it wasn't sooo cold, but we were very hungry. The walk took about an hour! Wow!

What the boys had been doing before we got there.

Snowy Minneapolis

The two Marks

My cowl came in handy! I even got a little too warm walking...

The camel cake! She seems to get more beautiful every year..

Mark and I ate during carols. We showed up while they were going. This is the Camel Song, a carol written just for the Camel Party! "Oh, it warms the cockles, cockles, cockles of our fiery pagan hearts.."

Pat and Teddy

Near the end of the night.. Me, Claire, Nick, Teddy, Pat
It was a hit! Too bad the roads weren't great, but I'm glad we went. I already am trying to plan my outfit for next year..


  1. wow, looks like a great time! I can't believe all the snow, we've had one snow fall and it's all melted away. I'm hoping for a white Christmas though!

  2. Love it! I hope that someday I get to go with you, haha


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