Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Goodies at Target

I had to stop at Target for some stuff tonight (Christmas bulb replacements, paper towels, dish soap, very exciting...) and I took my time taking a look at all of the cute Christmas stuff, of course! First things first ...

Funko POP! Christmas
My new (and very first!) Funko POP! vinyl toys! Rudolph and Bumble. I'm so happy!

How cute! There were five in the Christmas series and they were only five dollars a piece. Next payday I think I'll go and buy the Santa one to match these two. The other two are the Snow Miser and Heat Miser. They were cute, too, but I never was really into that movie when I was little, so I'll be okay passing those ones up this time around. I'm just so happy to finally have some Funko POP! figures - I've been drooling over the Disney ones for so long. I can't get over little Rudolph.

Target Fox Hat
I love the pattern on the scarf and that serving tray! Plus a cute fox hat.

Target Christmas Ornaments
I want these all! That mixer! And pickles are my all-time favorite ornaments.

Hello Kitty at Target
There was a whole section like that owl, which were all cute. I'm not even into owls that much. I love that Christmas kitty, but the mime one is effed up. I'm not into that.

I'm surprised I only left there with the two figures! I'm a sucker for every single thing Christmas. For example, Nightmare Before Christmas is on the Disney channel, so I better go watch it. (Don't mind that I own it and have seen it a million times and worked at Hot Topic for over seven years, so I've been submersed in it every holiday.) BYE!
Me! MaDonna!


  1. Those Pop figures are killing me! My sister got Santa and I was drooling over it. I need that abominable snowman!!!


  2. I love Target SO much! That little Bumble is so adorable-I need one!!

  3. I still only have the Maleficent from Pop but that will definitely change in the future. ;) The ones you picked are super cute!

    I've totally eyed that fox hat myself too. Cute, cute stuff. Damn you, Target.


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