Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Poo-Brain

I hate it say it, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I definitely don't want to blame it on Christmas; I think it's the fact that I'm trying to fit a full week's worth of hours into four days, plus finish shopping, plus wrap everything, plus put in a shift at my part-time job, PLUS get ready for dance party tomorrow.. I'm spread pretty thin that, when I finally am at home, and I have a million things to do, I .. end up hiding under the covers until 2am playing Fruit Ninja. Not very productive, but I guess it's what I'm doing.

Everything is flying by and the fact that tomorrow is the 21st already just caught up with me all in one little minute.All I can do is just what I can do, but I'm just worried all of a sudden Christmas is going to be passed and I'll feel like all I was doing was working and stressing and not enjoying my favorite holiday.

Mark is very perceptive to my poo-brain, so he gave me this gift yesterday (a little early.) How cute?! I've named him Bartleby the Strawbaby, but also Barty, but also I'm thinking maybe Ultros. I love the little guy, but I love Markie for giving me a stuffed strawberry with legs and arms to cheer me up, because it did.

There he is, riding Gosig, my dog from Ikea.

I know this is the 10+ hour work days talking, but I know I'll get over it. Once I get everything all straightened with presents, I'll be in a lot better shape. Unfortunately, that will probably be Friday evening. Christmas is my absolute favorite; it would take a lot for me to be crabby about it. I just need a nap! And to stop playing Fruit Ninja when I have to get up at 6:30 in the morning!


  1. That strawberry is ridiculously cute!

  2. Aww I love your strawberry! :D Sorry you were in a funk, hoping things are better today!

  3. I love wrapping presents! I can help you!!!

  4. Oh gosh I understand! I'm having fun with the movie but it's a looot of my time and it barely even feels like Christmas. Love that Mark gave you the strawbaby to cheer you up though. Merry Christmas, m'love. <3

  5. Thanks everyone! The strawbaby is very cuddly <3

  6. Very cute strawberry!! I know how feel....I'm so pooped!! fruit is very addicting!



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