Saturday, December 10, 2011

DIY Clove Oranges

How to Make Clove Oranges

One of my favorite holiday crafts is making clove-infused oranges! It is super easy, relatively quick, and cheap! The end result is a traditional looking, super yummy smelling Christmas decoration. I remember doing this when I was little and remembered a few years ago. We keep them under our tree as a kitty-deterrent; they love to poke around with low-hanging ornaments and the power strip, but hate the smell of citrus. Adding some under the tree has been really great at keeping the kitties away!

Cloves and Oranges
MATERIALS NEEDED: Oranges and Cloves!
As for whole cloves, you can find them most anywhere. I recommend NOT the Target ones, though. They smell nice, but they are super tiny. I didn't realize how small they were until I ran out and started using the ones from the bag you can see in the back of the picture. (Mark's mom gave those to me last year!) The ones in that bag are HUGE and the little bud on the end of the clove is super cute and round.

Cloves and Oranges
DIRECTIONS: Put some cloves in a little bowl, cover your lap with a towel, grab an orange, and get started! It's really pretty simple, although a little hard on your thumb and pointer finger. I've tried to do patterns in the past, but I think they look best with the "all over" effect. The more cloves, the better.

clove infused oranges

Oranges Under the Tree

And you're done! So simple, right? It's just a matter of picking up some cloves and setting aside about an hour of your time. You'll be so happy with how it smells, especially combined with a Christmas tree. Just, be warned - your thumb and forefinger will be a little sore from pushing in the clove. So worth it! Let me know if you try this. I think they would be really pretty in a Christmas bowl on a tree or as a centerpiece on a table.
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  1. This is some great advice. I am going to do this once we get a kitty.

  2. I told my gma about this because Cow Kitty always messes with the tree,and I think we might try this!


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