Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Favorites

Unfortunately, as I write this at quarter to 11, I'm a little late for Things I Love Thursday. I was planning on writing one, I promise! But, things got in the way, up to and including: a supper of shrimp cocktail, a Christmas-y DIY project that you'll see later, and perhaps a Clamato-Bloody Mary or two. Oh, and a hockey game! Anyway, I was busy, OK? So, Things I Love Thursday OUT. ... Friday Favorites? IN.

♥ My Rhinestone MN Vikings Hoodie
How ridiculous? How amazing! I actually got this a few years ago from Victoria's Secret, of course. Where else can you find a bedazzled sweatshirt of your favorite football team for over $60? (Thank you, Angel Card.) It's pretty silly, but.. really comfortable. It's so soft and cosy and I apologize for no one. I thought I lost it, but in the midst of pre-Christmas Tree house cleaning, it was recovered. Found at the bottom of Mark's closet? Hm! Interesting...

Girl's Vikings Hoodie

♥ This Picture, or "Girl Gamers" 

Girls Playing 3DS
via Tiny Cartridge

♥ Will Ferrell + Old Milwaukee
Ok, I admit. I never tried Old Mill until I moved out to the farm a few years ago. Why would I? But, as it turns out, Mark's dad and grandpa always kept a nice supply of the beer on the farm and so, sooner rather than later, I got to try my first can, straight out of the pop shed outside. It was like drinking a can of bread! But great! And now Will Ferrell has done some spots for the beer? Out of no where? Of his own accord, for free?! I stand by the fact that Old Mill is going to be the next PBR. I think Will agrees. Head over to Jeremiah's blog to watch the three commercials. (Which are filmed in, and exclusive to, Davenport, Iowa.)

♥ Ni No Kuni
I'm so excited for this game! Right now, it's out on DS and PS3 in Japan and it's set to come out in the US early next year. Unfortunately for me, it's only going to be on PS3. Aaaand I don't play PS3. So hopefully, they change their mind and release a DS version, too. It's an RPG put out by Level-5 (Professor Layton!) and Studio Ghibli (Princess Mononoke! Laputa! More!), so how could I not love it? The game includes fairies, magical worlds, and a spell book. A SPELL BOOK THAT YOU GET IN REAL LIFE. And better yet, here is a Japanese ad for the DS version, which features a little girl, a Christmas tree, and a big old cat. Which, to be honest, describes me right about now.

♥ And More 
Listening to Moby's "Play" all week at work ♥ Falling in love with Marc Maron's WTF Podcast (I loved the Adam Scott episode) ♥ Doing barre exercises at belly dance ♥ The MN Wild kicking ass ♥ Lunch breaks at Chinese buffets with Mark ♥ Our Christmas tree (no pictures! I'm waiting for the big reveal after we finish decorating it) ♥ OPI's "Excuse Moi" from the Muppets collection ♥ Watching A Christmas Story every night ♥ Almost crying at the Christmas Adventure Time? (The back story of the Ice King!) ♥ Hot Cinnamon Spice tea from Caribou ♥ Shopping Etsy for Christmas presents ♥ Melting candy canes in my coffee ♥ Homemade M&M cookies ♥ Downloading handfuls of cooking and baking apps ♥ My new mini-tripod for my camera, thanks to Stephen, my co-worker! ♥ This extra-spicy ground horseradish that I put in this Bloody Mary that's cleaning out my sinuses... ♥ Falling asleep to the Nutcracker Suite
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  1. mmm horseradish bloody. ;)

    Those two little girls are SO CUTE.

    & I love your sparkly hoody! Apparently Mark did too, hmmm



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