Friday, December 30, 2011

New iPhone!

Hey everyone! I know I know, I've been kind of absent lately. Between Christmas, post-Christmas family time, and getting back to work, I've been kind of left with no time to sit down. However, I did find time to pick up the new iPhone 4S! My very first smart phone, believe it or not! I'm loving the camera on it, so here are some photos I've already snapped since Wednesday:

Christmas Tree
Our pretty Christmas tree.

Ragdoll Cat
Sleepy face Chester.

Daily Outfit
My outfit yesterday + bored at work photos.

Glitter Pens
One part of my to-do list at work.. I love glitter pens and neon high-lighers!

Himilayan Kitty
Little cinni-mini man, Sonny.

SWIMMER headphones
Close-up of my SWIMMER headphones that I love.

Professor Layton Revotech Figure
The professor! A great present from Markie, which I'm planning on reviewing ♥

I am in love with this phone. Except Siri. She's worthless and I think Apple should stop pushing her in ads. But, that's just my opinion! Bye~
MaDonna Flowers


  1. Love it!! You're in the club now, haha

  2. Geez, that Iphone takes awesome pictures and I make lists like that too!


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