Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thanksgiving = Yummy Food

Sorry about the late Thanksgiving post! I think I just got too hungry whenever I looked at these photos and had to give up.. so without further ado, my delicious Thanksgiving!

For the past four Thanksgivings, Markie and I have celebrated two large meals in very short day! It is hard work, but someone has to do it. We start the day at my parent's house for a delicious meal, and fun with my sisters and parents and pets. I was so happy that I was feeling better from being sick that week. I took it easy at my parent's house food-wise, because I hadn't eaten much in the past two days and wasn't sure how my tummy would handle it.  Fortunately, I was just fine! Unfortunately, my baby sister, Ellen, couldn't be there. She had to work her first day ever at her first job ever at a buffet restaurant on Thanksgiving! Eek! She was just fine, but I missed her.

Our Thanksgiving Table

This is Crazy Legs. She is deaf and very sweet.

Lydia and Markie, eating some pre-dinner olives.

Yum! This is my favorite meal! I love my mom's Thanksgving!
Next, we drove half-hour back towards our house, to go to Mark's family Thanksgiving at his sister's house. It's so fun to see Mark's family, and Amber is pretty much a gourmet cook, so the food she has is amazing. I was so stuffed from the delicious lunch at my parents, but it didn't stop me from eating more.. That's Thanksgiving, though, right?

Greeted with Prosecco :9

Desert area - I love her pumpkin seed brittle. It's spicy!

After we ate, Markie and Collin, his nephew, played on the iPad.

It was a very fun, filling day! Thanksgiving is so fun because it is the start of my favorite holiday - Christmas! Mark and I went home and snuggled into bed, because I had to get up very early for .. Black Friday!

"We are working!"

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  1. Looks like you had a very delicious Thanksgiving!! & yumm Prosecco. :)


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