Monday, December 19, 2011

What I Wore: Christmas Choir Concert

Hi! I got to go to my baby sister's choir concert today and I decided to dress up! Here is what I wore:

Casual Rockabilly
What a busy background! Now that I have a tripod, I should experiment with places to pose..
Dress: Tripp NYC 
Cardigan: Target 
Tights: Umm, Target! 
Not Pictured: Black studded boots 
Necklace: Jay Strongwater strawberry charm

It was such a fun concert! I was happy to see Ellen sing, but it is so weird seeing how old she is. She's 16 now, which is crazy to me. Here are a couple of photos that were snapped today. 

Choir Concert

The whole family <3

With baby Ellen, who sang beautifully!

Me! MaDonna!

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