Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Resolutions: Three (The Big One)

So simple... I resolve to go the extra mile to be happy in 2012. To make big decisions, to do what scares me, and stop just doing what's easiest. 2012 will be my year!
Friday, December 30, 2011

FINISHED PROJECT: Amigurumi Mushroom

While the holidays were crazy, I luckily had some time to crochet a little. I found this mushroom pattern on Ravelry, of course, and worked one up for Mark's mom to hang on her tree and I made one more for me today! I'm using it as a little purse charm.

Crochet Mushroom

I love it! I used good old Red Heart Super Saver for the red (in just plain old red) and Lion Brand Wool-Ease in a cream.. I can't find the wrapper, so I don't know the name of it. Sorry! I also used an F hook. I modified the spots a little (I didn't want to make actual circles) and just added a regular strand of yarn for the loop at the top, not a chain. I thought the chain turned out super bulky in comparison to the little mushroom. I'm so happy with this little amigurumi fungus.. I will definitely be making more. They do take a few hours, at least for me, because the stem gets a little hairy. Lots of increase/decrease BLO only action with a very small hook.

How to Crochet a Mushroom
Before the little stem-y. The cap looks so yummy and lopsided!

Christmas Mushroom

Crochet Amigurumi Mushroom

And, actually... I made a little blog button with these images! I'm sponsoring the lovely Elycia for the month of January, and I made a little mini-banner for her sidebar, and I thought I'd share it here in case anyone would like it. After I post this, I'm planning on figuring out how to put this into my own sidebar..

Me! MaDonna

MaDonna blog

New iPhone!

Hey everyone! I know I know, I've been kind of absent lately. Between Christmas, post-Christmas family time, and getting back to work, I've been kind of left with no time to sit down. However, I did find time to pick up the new iPhone 4S! My very first smart phone, believe it or not! I'm loving the camera on it, so here are some photos I've already snapped since Wednesday:

Christmas Tree
Our pretty Christmas tree.

Ragdoll Cat
Sleepy face Chester.

Daily Outfit
My outfit yesterday + bored at work photos.

Glitter Pens
One part of my to-do list at work.. I love glitter pens and neon high-lighers!

Himilayan Kitty
Little cinni-mini man, Sonny.

SWIMMER headphones
Close-up of my SWIMMER headphones that I love.

Professor Layton Revotech Figure
The professor! A great present from Markie, which I'm planning on reviewing ♥

I am in love with this phone. Except Siri. She's worthless and I think Apple should stop pushing her in ads. But, that's just my opinion! Bye~
MaDonna Flowers
Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Sorry I haven't been around for a while - Christmas! But, I promise after the holiday smoke clears, I'll be back. Until then..

Yule Log

William Sonoma Pie Press


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Poo-Brain

I hate it say it, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I definitely don't want to blame it on Christmas; I think it's the fact that I'm trying to fit a full week's worth of hours into four days, plus finish shopping, plus wrap everything, plus put in a shift at my part-time job, PLUS get ready for dance party tomorrow.. I'm spread pretty thin that, when I finally am at home, and I have a million things to do, I .. end up hiding under the covers until 2am playing Fruit Ninja. Not very productive, but I guess it's what I'm doing.

Everything is flying by and the fact that tomorrow is the 21st already just caught up with me all in one little minute.All I can do is just what I can do, but I'm just worried all of a sudden Christmas is going to be passed and I'll feel like all I was doing was working and stressing and not enjoying my favorite holiday.

Mark is very perceptive to my poo-brain, so he gave me this gift yesterday (a little early.) How cute?! I've named him Bartleby the Strawbaby, but also Barty, but also I'm thinking maybe Ultros. I love the little guy, but I love Markie for giving me a stuffed strawberry with legs and arms to cheer me up, because it did.

There he is, riding Gosig, my dog from Ikea.

I know this is the 10+ hour work days talking, but I know I'll get over it. Once I get everything all straightened with presents, I'll be in a lot better shape. Unfortunately, that will probably be Friday evening. Christmas is my absolute favorite; it would take a lot for me to be crabby about it. I just need a nap! And to stop playing Fruit Ninja when I have to get up at 6:30 in the morning!
Monday, December 19, 2011

2012 Resolutions: Two

In 2012, I resolve to invest in a great, perfectly-fitting leather jacket, and look like hot shit in it.

Me! MaDonna!

What I Wore: Christmas Choir Concert

Hi! I got to go to my baby sister's choir concert today and I decided to dress up! Here is what I wore:

Casual Rockabilly
What a busy background! Now that I have a tripod, I should experiment with places to pose..
Dress: Tripp NYC 
Cardigan: Target 
Tights: Umm, Target! 
Not Pictured: Black studded boots 
Necklace: Jay Strongwater strawberry charm

It was such a fun concert! I was happy to see Ellen sing, but it is so weird seeing how old she is. She's 16 now, which is crazy to me. Here are a couple of photos that were snapped today. 

Choir Concert

The whole family <3

With baby Ellen, who sang beautifully!

Me! MaDonna!
Friday, December 16, 2011

Intermittent Kitten: Cuddly C

Chester was especially cute last night, getting his fluffy, white, kitty fur all over our clean laundry. So I did what any sensible cat owner did: photo shoot! I took way too many, but here are some of the best ones. Return of Intermittent Kitten!

Ragdoll Cat
He is a big cuddly C!


Uh oh! Sonny is magically drawn to the sound of Chester purring.

Chester hates it.



Me! MaDonna!

Our Christmas Tree

We take our Christmas tree very seriously around here. I love the tradition of it; pulling out all the boxes of ornaments out of storage, finding favorite decorations, and coming across ones that I forgot about from the year before! This year's tree is a big one, and we put over ten strands of lights and who knows how many bulbs and ornaments! I love it. ♥

Christmas Tree
The finished product, in all it's glowy, Christmas-y glory. 

There's nothing like sitting cozy on the couch, with just the lights on the tree illuminating the room. (See my little oranges down there? Yay!) This window in the living room is perfect, too -- look how pretty the lights reflect on the glass! That window is at the front of the house, so I can see the lit-up tree as I drive down the driveway when I'm coming home from work. Now all we need is snow... it's been so rainy and warm (like 40 degrees!), that almost all of it is melted! It is scary and a pain to have to drive in it, but I'm nervous that we won't have a white Christmas. 

Here are close-ups of some of my favorite ornaments! This is definitely not all of them, of course - some are kind of hard to take in the dark, so I'll have to sneak a few shots tomorrow in the daylight. Don't worry - one is a crystal unicorn, so it is definitely worth the wait. 

German Lion Ornament
My lion! Markie's sister gave this to me four Christmases ago. I love those icicles, too.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments
Bear party! I love those guys. Especially the girl; she's my favorite of all time. Let's get a better look... 

Bear Tree Ornament
CUTE! Markie said that she's been around since the 70s. Can you tell? She's the best.

Christmas decorations
Cute tree, as well as a delicate birdie that is part of a special invite-only tree-top club.

Christmas Hello Kitty
Christmas kitty! There are two.

Knit Christmas Ornaments
A super cute, knit dolly that Markie attached to a gift to me one Christmas. I love her piggies.

Strawberry Christmas Ornament
I almost kept that strawberry out all year! My mommy bought it for me!

Christmas Tree Decorations
The top of the tree, populated, of course, by birdies, stars, and the moon.

Pretty Christmas Tree
Merry Christmas!

Oh, but where did this lovely tree come from! Here are a few pictures of the day we got the tree - the day of Camel Party! It started out nice and calm, but by the end of the day, snow storm! The snow didn't start until we were driving the trees back home..

Christmas Tree Lot
Which tree will it be?

Christmas Tree in a Pick-up Truck
Mark's sister's tree is on the left and ours is the giant one! Thanks Home Depot!

Driving Christmas Trees Home
I was on tree-watching duty on the half hour drive back home.

Snowy Christmas Tree
Half-hour later, it was snowing pretty heavily! And the rest is history..

I love this big guy! Markie had a great idea to look through my pictures to find ones of the trees from every year I've been out here - maybe I'll have to do that and show you guys what I found. I have a feeling this might be the biggest one, but who knows! Even now, as I type, I'm staring lovingly at the tree and it's beautiful kaleidoscope reflection it's making on the ceiling. Merry Christmas, everybody!

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