Monday, January 9, 2012


Did you notice the cute white-pink-and-red bag I was wearing in this daily outfit? Yesss? Well, here it is! All featured and beautiful. I'm very proud of this one.

Crochet Scallop Bag

I actually found the pattern while I was looking through A Creative Being, which is an awesome blog. She makes great projects and is so fast! I definitely took inspiration from her color choices, too, but added a few more tones into mine. The pattern is actually here: Spring Petals Backpack. It took two solid days of crocheting for me -- maybe 14 or 15 hours? Each color change is actually two rows - the shells, but first there's a row of DC only to act as a base. I used three colors of Lion Brand Wool-Ease (cream, brick, and a dusty rose), as well as one Lion Brand Vanna's Choice (cranberry.) I also used a G hook.

Crochet Shells

I just love looking at it up close. I was like a little kid, obsessed with staring at it. It was so fun to watch it grow, too. I stopped every few rows to put it on the side of the couch to see how much taller it got in the last few hours. I was very proud of myself for learning this new pattern!

Crochet Mini-Backpack
It was also nice to start a project AND finish it. Now, if I could say the same thing about my never-ending bag... This little backpack is perfect for my phone, keys, lipstick, ID and debit card! After I finished it, I sprayed a little bit of my new Vera Wang Princess perfume (Christmas gift from mom!), so it smells very yummy inside~ The pattern is very fun, and I'd love to make some arm-warmers or iPhone case using the shell-design.
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  1. wow, very cute! I have a bad habit of carrying my life around with me in a big canvas military messenger bag so I get girly and squee-like when I see a cute, small bag that looks like it wouldn't kill my shoulders. :3

    1. I know! I have always huge big bags and they get so full of junk and kill my shoulder, so its nice to use this little bag or the other brown pouch I have. It makes a huge difference!

  2. Super cute! I love how it'll be perfect for Valentine's Day time. :)

  3. So cute. I really like the colours your picked.

  4. What a cute bag!! I really do love all the colors you pick too. I think I'd be adorable as a pair of arm warmers.


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