Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Heart Chicken Pot Pies

One of the gifts that Markie got me for Christmas was a Williams Sonoma Heart-Shaped Pie Mold. I tried it out today for the first time with some chicken pot pie.

Heart Shaped Pie

Look how cute! I cheated and bought pre-made dough, but made the filling using this recipe as a guide. Next time I want to make it thicker, so we'll see what I can do there. Making the heart pastries was cute, but a lot of work for those little guys. It's kind of hard to get the right amount of filling in; they get too full very easily. Since you can't put so much in, they do turn out kind of dry.

Chicken Pot Pie

Wow! That's a lot of filling, especially since I can only fit two spoonfuls in each heart. I shredded up some leftover rotisserie chicken we had the other night, and then made three more chicken breasts, seasoned with plenty of thyme and garlic powder. Yum.

Heart Pie

Pre-baking.I like those little carrots peeking out. When using the press, you have to be very careful to not press too hard! Otherwise, the crimp gets too crimped and breaks the two halves apart. It also helps to stretch the bottom heart out a little as you lay it in there; when you spoon in the filling, the weight of it pulls the dough down, so it's not sitting up on the edges anymore. Practice makes perfect, though!

Mini Chicken Pot Pie

Since the hearts were a little dry, and we were pretty hungry, I decided to break out the ramekins for a more filling pot pie. I could get way more filling into the little cups! All-in-all it was a success, and I was happy to use my new heart mold AND rolling pin that Markie got me, too.
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  1. oh em gee I LOVE CHICKEN POT PIE!!!!!!!! I am a chicken pot pie snob. If there is just crust on top and not all around and on the bottom, it just ain't right.

    1. I know I know :( I was too lazy to roll out more dough for the bottoms. I did make my mini-apple pies totally crusted top & bottom, and I agree its so much better.

  2. I must admi I dont ike CPP but seen them in a heart shape sure makes'em cute at least!

  3. Cute!
    I'm new to blogspot but have seen your crafties on the LJ community, so I clicked follow.
    Hiii.I'm Nikki from MA.

  4. I want a cute yummy apple heart pie!


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