Monday, January 2, 2012

New Blog + Pink Hair

Hi all! Happy New Year! I'm definitely enjoying my time off, but I can't believe I have to go back to work tomorrow. The holidays went so quick, like always. Today I plan to crochet away, but two things:

  • New blog layout! I made a new header image, tweaked a lot of stuff, and made it look a little prettier. I'm still not completely happy with everything (I need to figure out how to add the background I want!), but I did figure some new things out. I used this site a lot, which has a bunch of great tutorials.

  • Pink hair! It must be a new tradition, because I dyed my hair pink last New Year's Eve. I dyed it all yesterday and I'm happy I did. What do you think?

Pink Hair

Me! MaDonna!


    And your blog looks so cute. I still am having the hardest time with figuring out how to make my layout not look like xanga. LOL

  2. Jamie: Yay!!

    Meli: Thank you, darling <3 The link I posted in here really helped with my blog, but it took a LOT of googling and searching around to figure out how to change what I wanted. Eep!

  3. I think the new layout looks fantastic!
    & so does your hair. :)

  4. I miss my pink hair!! <3 It looks lovely on you ;)

  5. just stumbled upon your blog! very cute! :-)

  6. *love* the pink hair. i want to go purple.. hmmm. this is pushing me mighty close to the mermaid hair edge!


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