Friday, January 6, 2012

Work in Progress: The NEVER-ENDING Bag

Ok, seriously. I feel like I've been working on this bag my entire life. I think I started it during the week of Thanksgiving, the week I was so super sick and had those days off. All the comments were like "quick project!" and "I made three!!" or something. Anyway, I feel like I have a thousand years left.

crochet bag

Ok, so the base is supposed to be 14 rows of increase, which I did - and that equals 14" for the bottom diameter. Yes, yes, this bag is supposed to be large, perfect for a big crochet project to hold all the skeins you need, but 14" seems huge. And also, it doesn't start folding up to be bag-like until row 18.

crochet project bag

I mean, at least it is STARTING to look like a bag? Before it was just kind of a ... flap? And I like the colors. As you can see by that full skein of Red Heart in Grey Heather, I've already gone through an ENTIRE one and am on my second. Luckily, I knew well enough to buy entire pound skein of Caron (non-Super Soft) in Cape Cod Blue. I feel like one of my problems is that I'm using an I-Hook, when she calls out a 4mm (WHAT!). Also, what is DK weight yarn? Or Aran? That's what she uses in the pattern. This is all worsted. And I feel like I'm the worsted!

That all being said, after weeks and weeks, I feel like I can finally see the light. Maybe only 20 more rows? And then the straps? And then probably lining it?! It really hit home, though, tonight while I was working on it. When I first started, TBS was marathoning Friends all Thanksgiving weekend and the end of my holiday break, I crocheted while watching Ross & Emily's wedding in London. While I was hooking tonight, the episode where Ross proposed to Emily was on. It really makes you think.

Here is the pattern. It's a Lucy original, so it's great. Check it out on Ravelry as well. All of their finished projects make me feel like a bag FAILURE, but they also give me hope.


  1. M-- DK, worsted, Aran and so on are all yarn gauges or weights. Generally, DK/Light Wirsted yarn are a smaller gauge than Worsted/Aran. So it depends on the manufacturer as to weather your worsted is light or true worsted. I'm fairly certain that Red Heart is considered light worsted weight.
    Sometimes you can combine a smaller needle with a heavier weight yarn to get a similar gauge as a smaller needle /lighter yarn. But it doesn't sound like thats the case here. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Nic! I did know they were weights, I just wasn't sure exactly how each compared to worsted. I just know the basics (sock weight, worsted, chunky, etc), not Aran or DK.

      The bag is done! I just have to finish the straps & sew em on! I'll be done this weekend.

  2. It may be taking forever but it looks awesome! And yes it really does make you think...that you're watching too much friends! xoxo claire

    1. Yes, thanks! I tried to work on it the other day and my cat jumped in it while I was working :X

  3. never ending indeed haha I can't wait to see the finished product


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