Saturday, February 11, 2012

Coral Dresses & Yummy Necklaces

Happy Saturday, lovelies! Are you enjoying your day? I've been treating myself to Six Feet Under (I've never watched it!) and crochet and chicken salad pita sandwiches. I decided to take a break from my little workshop I have going on and make a mini-outfit post.

My new dressie came from Forever 21 in that pretty coral color, a shade that I have no other clothes in! I thought I might as well start introducing new colors into my wardrobe. The dress is super comfy and I love wearing it! But the star of the outfit is my yummy new necklace!

Picture taken from The Jewellery Cafe Etsy.

The store has the cuuuutest stuff; I especially love the pancakes phone charm and this charm bracelet. If you have a craving for delicious hand-made food jewelry, I would for suuuure check out The Jewellery Cafe! My necklace sure draws a lot of attention, especially from my belly dance girls. It looks so realistic, I just wanna eat it!


  1. That color is so pretty on you! I really love the color coral!

  2. I love everything about this post! The dress is adorable, the necklace is impressively done and totally cute, and Six Feet Under is fantastic!

    I think my favorite part about the dress is that I almost got one like it at Target today (but sleeveless, I think it was). But I got a black one, instead. It really looks pretty, though. :)

  3. Love the color of the dress!! That necklace is yummy and adorable :P

  4. pretty dress, but the necklace is the cutest!

  5. OH MA GAH you look SO comfortable! I LOVE your hair! I can't wait to die mine grey later this spring!

    Lovin all up on your blog.


  6. love the dress, and that necklace is adorable!

  7. Totally in love with that necklace! Might think about getting one of my own, 'specially since I've been meaning to incorporate something ice-cream-themed in my blog. :)


  8. So so super cute! I love that color on you. <3


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