Sunday, February 5, 2012

FINISHED PROJECT: Fluffy Gloves (First Edition)

Fairy Kei Gloves

Well, I did it! Remember the fluffy mitts I wanted help with? Well, I finished my first attempt and I must say, I'm pretty happy with myself! No, they aren't exactly the same, but I think the effect is very similar and I love them. I've also learned a lot by doing it, so the next time I try them, it goes a lot smoother.

Yarn for Gloves

Here is the yarn I bought for the project. (All at Joann Fabrics) Patons Divine in Chantilly Rose, Frosted Green, and Icicle White. Lion Brand Wool Ease in Rose Heather. Red Heart Buttercup in White Multi. Sensations Angel Hair Boucle in Green. Sensations Beautiful in Off White (I LOVE THIS). In addition, I use some yarn I had at home: Lion Brand Jiffy in Light Pink and an off-white; Lion Brand Homespun in purpley-something, I lost the wrapper! I used an K-hook for a lot of it, but switched to an I for some and even an N for one of the yarns.

Crochet Mitt

The first glove in progress. I used the light pink Jiffy to make the first cuff for the mitt. I worked that in rows of 9 HDC, back loop only, to achieve a ribbed effect. I finished that off when it was snug against my knuckles. After that, I worked on the top of that with the funfetti yarn, and away I went. I'd do more of a pattern for you, but I just made this up as I went and don't remember the order all that well. I do know I did a lot of increase and then decrease, front-post crochets for the less-fluffy yarns, as well as rows of back loop only. I really liked the alternating fluffy to semi-snug look of the original gloves, and wanted to replicate that with more than just different yarn weights.

Fairy-Kei Mitts

I also liked that I didn't make a matching pair, same as the original photo inspiration. My first one is the one on the left, and I definitely like the flow & fit on the one on the right more. From first chain to last woven end, it only took about four to five hours, so I'd really like to bust another pair out today to see if I can get them even better. It'd be fun to make more with color themes, like shades of blues with white, or pinks and greys. I do love that funfetti, though.

What do you think? For a first try, did I do the gloves justice? I love that I made them a little looser, so I can fit them easily over my hoodie sleeves. They're super warm and super soft to have on. I love them!



    especially the Red Heart Buttercup! It looks like funfetti cake batter.

    1. I want a whole sweater made of that yarn!

  2. Love them, they look really warm and soft! Also like the fact that they do not match each other!

  3. Well done! They look awesome! :)

  4. Yours turned out SUPER cute! I think I like yours even better than the original actually :)

  5. I absolutely love these! I think you did a fantastic job! I love that they don't match :)


  6. awesome! really good job recreating the look of the original inspiration

  7. They turned out fabulous. Love them. :) Okay, now I want a red and black.

  8. <3 love them1 great job!

    xx katie

  9. wow, they look great! even better than the "original", imho :) awesome work!


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