Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spotlight: Cinnamon Bun from Adventure Time

It's no secret that I love Adventure Time. I'm a fan of Finn & Jake, PB, Lumpy Space Princess, and Ice King like everyone else. But, one of my favorite things about the show is all the rest - all the detail of the little characters kills me. So today, I want to put the spotlight on one of my very favorite smaller characters: CINNAMON BUN! Cinnamon Bun is one of the Candy People living in Princess Bubblegum's Candy Kingdom, and he makes me laugh every time he's on screen. Here are some pictures and facts about CB himself.

Adventure Time Cinnamon Bun Tuxedo

This picture is from one of my favorite episode of Adventure Time, "The Creeps." In that episode, all the main characters go to a disguise party and scary, ghostie things occur! The best part is that they are all given secret names to use and Cinnamon Bun's name is Guy Farting. Amazing. Also, many people think this episode shows that CB has a crush on Lumpy Space Princess, which is another amazing turn of events.

Cinnamon Bun T-Shirt Adventure Time

Here's a funny shirt design from Threadless. I wish it won! Cinnamon Bun doesn't mind being eaten because, as stated by Princess Bubblegum, he is "half-baked" and doesn't know any better.

Cinnamon Bun from Adventure Time

This is a funny gif of Finn and CB. I like how wrinkly he is on his mouth and around his eyes. Gross!

Cinnamon Bun Ketchup Face

This ketchup-y photo is from the episode "Conquest of Cuteness." He was supposed to be helping Finn & Jake defeat The Cuties, but he didn't understand the plan and ate the ketchup, which was supposed to be fake blood. You did the best you could, Cinnamon Bun!

Adventure Time Too Young

Cinnamon Bun likes to get himself in trouble, like in this part of the Adventure Time episode "Too Young." Oh, Cinnamon Bun, don't fall!

Cinnamon Bun in a dress

In a dress! What!

Adventure Time Zombie Episode

In the awesome zombie episode of Adventure Time, "From Bad to Worse," poor Cinnamon Bun was the very first to to be turned into a zombie. Poor, stupid Cinnamon Bun ate the candy zombie tissue that Princess Bubblegum was working on and, in turn, infected the rest of the Candy Kingdom.

Adventure Time Cinnamon Bun

What do you think, Cinnamon Bun? I hope you are excited that you had a whole entry dedicated to just you! For more Cinnamon Bun pictures, trivia, and information, check out his entry on the Adventure Time Wiki.


  1. He is pretty awesome but i will always have a special spot for LSP. Love her, love her attitude.

  2. we have big love for cinnamon bun over here in the Boylan house too!

  3. I love adventure time! Yay for cinnamon bun ^_^


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