Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Snowy Town

♥ Things I Love Thursday ♥

♥ Sushi lunch with Mark on Valentine's ♥ Crochet dates with two of my best friends last Thursday and Monday ♥ Six Feet Under season one (two episodes left!) ♥ My crochet board on Pinterest ♥ Homemade chicken noodle soup ♥ Planning, planning, planning for Japan ♥ Painting my nails easter egg colors ♥ Extra-raspberry, white chocolate iced mocha on 2/14 for a super pink Starbucks ♥ Ira Glass on Savage Love podcast ♥ Huge, fluffy, blustery snowflakes ♥ New Sleigh Bells album! ♥ Drinking loose leaf tea on the daily ♥ Markie's new haircut ♥ Kitties that sleep next to me at night like a teddy bear ♥ The fact that I have two belly dance performances this week! ♥ One week left until vacation...

What are you loving this Thursday? The only thing that I'm not loving is this headache I woke up with, but that's nothing a big bottle of water, some coffee, and breakfast can't fix! I hope everyone's week is going wonderfully with lots of sweet items to fill their TiLT with.

& don't forget to check out my coffee clutch & tea giveaway! There are five separate ways to enter, so make sure to read the rules closely so you get the best chance you can get. There are three more days left in the contest.


  1. I'm loving Blake Lively in general today! & I would love some homemade chicken noodle soup today! It would be wonderful while being sick today.

    That snow also looks wonderful! It does not snow down here in Florida!

  2. I ate sushi with my boyfriend on Valentines too. It was, like, the classiest date I've ever gone on :)

  3. Such a pretty snow picture!!
    & I'm soso glad you're loving Six Feet Under. :)

    I'm loving life, plain and simple. <3

    1. I'm so happy to hear how happy you are <3 love you

  4. love the photo! i miss the snow!
    sometimes i'm just like WTF! to california sun when it's supposed to be winter…


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