Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Loves

Here are some things that I have been mentally drawing little hearts around and texting if they want to maybe hang out and get a coffee with me later.

girl with cat ears
(source) I don't know what I like more: her ears or the lighting.

cute fox
(source) Of which to note: his black boots, ear tips, & snow-covered head.

pom pom cowl
(source) The pom poms! This is so cute, and the instructions make it seem very hard for a sewing-dummy like me. C'est la vie!

psychedelic girl
(source) If only I could look like this always.

heart nails
(source) Well, dang! This is just genius.

tiny cartridge ds stickers
(source) These amazing DS stickers by the internet's sweetheart, Mare Odomo, and my favorite VG blog, Tiny Cartridge. Spoooky, Pokemon Black. BUY THESE STICKERS. 

letters to an absent father
And because I wanna show off, here's a picture of me from July 2010 with my very own, 100% unique, AWESOME drawing of Slowpoke + strawberry drawn by Mare himself in the back of my Letters to an Absent Father comic. (I look so tan!)


  1. awesome, i forgot there's a ds sticker printer thing. I feel like I should bug you for coffee sometime once I live closer. XD

  2. I am loving those cartridge stickers!! I really like the super cute 8 bit smiley face!

  3. Oh my gawd. That fox!!! He's so cute! I love pretty little foxes like him. Eeeep!!!


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