Monday, March 26, 2012

What I Wore: Harajuku Shopping

Hello, loves! Here I am with another quick outfit post from Tokyo. Things are definitely changing in my life right now - which is so exciting! - but it isn't leaving me with much blogging time. It'll all come back, though, once my schedule works itself out. For the time being, here is an outfit that I wore to go shopping in Harajuku on probably a cold, rainy day!

Harajuku Outfit

Cardigan & Skirt: Forever 21 | Sweater: shop on Takeshita Dori | Hairclip & Ring: BBBee from LaFloret Harajuku | Socks: some shop in Shibuya 109 | Scarf: Homemade

I love my cat sweater that I found (it is saying "Please do something"). The little kitty was everywhere! On all different shirts and sweaters, in different colors and poses, and in different shops on the street. The man who was working the shop was a middle-aged regular lookin' dude and he LOVED my bunny scarf. It's not everyday you impress a store owner on Takeshita Dori, so I felt pretty pleased. 

I ended up buying the candy ring from a little shop in the basement of LaFloret in Harajuku. The shop girl was so nice and talked to me in English the whole time when she figured out I was from the US. The ring wasn't expensive, but I found ones just like it in Closet Child for about 700Y less. Oh, well! The shop girls at Closet Child were definitely not as friendly!

Japanese UFO Catcher

I will leave you with this shot of the inside of a UFO catcher in Nakano -- I think it was NAMCO? Either way, I love Poyo, the little orange cat in the bottom, and I think of him whenever I wear this sweater. Please do something, Poyo!


  1. I AM SO JEALOUS!!! ♥ Jen and I have been in love with Japan since we were young teenagers. We've wanted to move there, or at least visit. The scenery, the apartments, the culture, the fashion, the shopping, the food... Everything. Just everything. We even know a wee bit of Japanese!!!


    Also, you look SO ADORABLE!!! I want more, more, more Tokyo outfits. ^_^

    1. I hope you visit sometime! You would love it <3 I'll be sure to post a few more outfits!

  2. You look so cute! I love reading about your trip, but Im sooo jealous Cx

    1. Thank you! I'm jealous writing them NOW, I miss it so much already. :(


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