Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Instagram Roundup

TOP: Cheese with truffles // A personal @reply from Dan Savage himself!
BOTTOM: Connecting the first two rows of my blanket // Earl Grey bags for my royal milk tea

My granny square blanket is such an up and down for me. I put together the first two rows - and I was very excited! - but, it took a looong time to do it. And I really need to make at least 240 more squares, haha! Yikes. I feel like I've been working on it for my entire life, but I've only made a little over 70 squares. Oh well, it'll be done when it is done.

TOP: Me and my new Ice King // Chester, the baby
BOTTOM: Mini corn dogs (I wish they were endless) // One of my Drawsome drawings

As with my granny squares, my relationship with Draw Something is a roller coaster. I was horribly addicted, but then overextended myself, and now I have about 12 games to catch up with whenever I check the app. That takes so long! Also, the app needs a word update; I can guess divorce, Pauly D, firewood, and roadkill the second my partner starts drawing a line. Oh well, doesn't make it less fun!


  1. i want to give that kitty a little kiss on the nose

  2. so much cuteness!:) looove it.
    what is your instagram name? i am addicted.
    julierosschristmas is my name on there!

    1. mine is maddysaurus! i'll be sure to find you <3

  3. Your blog is lovely, just found it ! You know, I made two blankets like the one you're crocheting ! Your style is so cute <3
    If you are interested let's follow each other on google friend connect, Bloglovin and Facebook ! Kisses
    Fashion and Cookies
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    1. aw, you're so sweet! thank you for the comment. how exciting about the blankets -- so it is possible! i thought i was speeding along, but now i'm a few weeks in and only at 9 or so stripes.. it doesn't feel as fast anymore!

      i've followed you on twitter &bloglovin!

  4. When I was working on my granny square project, I gave myself small goals (Such as: make 10 this week, or make 2 today, etc.), and worked on them leisurely while still working on bigger things. It took 4 months to complete it, but I never hated the project, because I never let it overwhelm me.

    Speaking of which, I love love love the colors you've chosen for it! I can't wait to see it when it IS done :) Best of luck!

    1. mini goals are just so smart.. ive definitely let myself have other projects in between. Thanks!<3

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