Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On Spring, or "Just Go Outside"

I love Spring! I love it because it such a season of change - a lot different than New Years, don't you think? It's a tangible change that I think is great for inspiring people to start new projects, finish old ones, try new things, and pick up different habits or hobbies. Another thing I love about Spring is the rainy days, but maybe not many people will agree to that.

Minnesota Spring

♥ Go outside! ♥ At my new job, I'm in a place where it is a lot easier to just walk to close-by stores or restaurants on my break -- especially after being in Japan, I'd prefer to just walk on over, rather than getting in my car and driving a minute or two to get where I'm going. ♥ I do wish that my town had better sidewalk systems and crosswalks, though.. There are plenty of places close-by that I would love to walk over to, but is in a high traffic area with no stop lights or crosswalks. ♥ I know it is cliche to talk about going outside when Spring arrives, but when you live in a Midwest town like I do, Winter is a cruel chunk of the year where even the 30 second walk from the door to the car can be awfully brutal. Feeling the sunshine and knowing you can step out the front door without a jacket is pretty sweet after negative degrees and wind-chills for months. ♥

Striped Yellow Dress

♥ Wear bright colors. ♥ Orange and coral is EVERYWHERE this season already, thanks to tangerine being Pantone's color of the year. Take advantage of the over-saturation and add some prettiness to your wardrobe. Find the color that is perfect for your skin type -- there are many shades I can't get away with, but I love a bright canary yellow dress. ♥ Pastels are also sweet to add to less-than-colorful outfits. The other day I wore dark blue skinnies, a plain grey top, and a super-cute mint green cardigan to go over it all. ♥ Do you love my new dress? I do! It's so flattering, the yellow belt is adorable with it, and stripes have always been my favorite. ♥

Girl With Black Eyeliner

♥ Don't forget the little things. ♥ You all know how much I love accessories. Floral scarves, pink lips, lacy hair bows. Decorate yourself with what you love to look at. ♥ I'm also trying every day to see how big I can make my eyes look. I line the bottom waterline of my eyes with white mascara from MAC. ♥ Then, I layer on the mascara - two coats of Benefit's BadGal Lash on top and bottom! ♥ I've also been hopelessly addicted to the armful of 100Y fake lashes I brought home from Japan. ♥ This picture makes me want to dye my hair blonder and blonder! My roots are out of control. ♥

Southern MN Bridge

♥ Little road trips. ♥ There are pretty things around you everywhere, and you don't have to take a huge day trip and spend tons of money to find a nice area. This pretty little spot was only about a ten-minute drive from my house. ♥ Mark and I were doing laundry in the closest town and took a little stroll to get here. We stopped for a bit, chatted and people watched, and were on our way. ♥ Cheesy as it is, it's pretty nice to just stop for a second and appreciate little things. I know I'm not the only busy one in life - driving to work, working all day, filling up the car, getting groceries, doing dishes, folding clothes - but it's nice when you DO have a moment, to really enjoy it and don't let it go to waste. You have all the time in the world to hang out on the couch when it's -20 degrees again with 10 inches of snow pounding at your back door. ♥

♥ How have you enjoyed Spring so far? Markie and I are on our way out today - there is a great park up in a suburb of the Twin Cities that we like to visit. I hope we go there today! ♥


  1. Oh, MaDonna... Your blog is such a wondrous joy in the blogging community. Your posts are just so inspiring, and you have such an ease with words. I love your blog so much - I really hope we can become closer friends. :) Especially with your love for Japan and nature!!!

    After some rough job losses and such, Jen and I are living with her parents - who have one family car, that only my father can drive. (As in, he won't let ANYONE else drive, haha.) So, everywhere we needed to go - he'd drive us. Now that we have our bicycles, Jen and I have been biking EVER. It's so much more enjoyable (and green!)

    1. Angie! What a sweet comment. You made me blush <3 Thank you - I wish we could get together and write in our grimoires together xx

      I'm so happy to hear you can bike all over! I'm jealous.. I live out in the country - a half hour drive to work - so, biking is a liiiittle out of the question. But, I'd be fit as a fiddle! It'd just take a long time, haha.

  2. I love all these things about spring, even the rainy days! Especially the rainy days. ;) I'm also currently wearing a green & blue patterned dress with an aqua cardigan over it so yay color. <3

    1. I love love love rainy days! Oooh, that sounds so pretty, I wanna see!


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