Sunday, May 6, 2012


Chain Loop Crochet Scarf

In another effort to create a one-night crochet project, I stumbled upon the Chain Loop Circle Scarf on Ravelry. Chains! With Hometown USA! I was in love and I was in luck. Seriously, about an hour and five minutes later, I fastened off the yarn handle and I was done. The pattern is this: Use an N-hook to create 12 125-chain loops, and then slip stitch together. After you make them all, take some yarn and wrap it around all the loops to create the handle. Weave that yarn into itself once you have a handle of the size you want. The end!

I used Washington Denim in the Hometown USA, because for some reason, I had two skeins of the color at home. Not my favorite shade, but it's cute with a white top or maybe light grey. I used an entire skein for the loops and then a strand from the second skein for the handle.

Pretty simple, hm? I'd love to make another one in a different color - maybe a dark red or even a sage green? I think I want to be more into sage green from now on. Also, I think I'd make the loops at least ten chains longer next time. I like how it fits now, but its a little snug on my neck when I double wrap it. A few more chains would help it hang a little more loosely after I put it around twice. 

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  1. That is super cute! And in an evening, I'm very Impressed

  2. Ooooh! I like it! I will definitely be trying this pattern soon!

  3. This is so awesome! I've seen crocheted/knitted necklaces similar to this and always thought it might be fun to try. I think I'll write a pattern for a knit one! ;)

  4. ahhhhh!!! Thank you soo much been looking for this!!

  5. Will you have 2 ends for handle? Can't figure out how you do the ends. It you have 12 then why can't you tie them and cover with handle?


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