Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Loves: Tea Edition

Now that I'm back to retail life, Fridays aren't as meaningful as the feeling of freedom you feel on the day when you work at an office. However, it still means the start to the weekend, even if I'll be at work anyway. Today I want to show you some of the things I've been digitally circling with hearts - and they all have to do with tea!

Teavana Cocao Black Mint Tea

My Friday morning tea! I'm currently drinking Teavana's Cocao Black Mint; after it steeps in my super handy loose leaf strainer, it doubles as a delicious room infuser. This is hands down the best smelling tea I've had - the smell is so strong, but in the best way ever.

Crochet Tea Cosy

Another reason why I am so sad I don't have an actual teapot: this free pattern for an adorable crochet teapot cosy! Looks so easy and the flowers make it so cute. I want a collection of these.

Tea Art Print

This May, I'm a proud sponsor of one sheepish girl, a great blog that you should really be reading daily! The other day she posted this great print here, which she found from Little Doodles. How cuute!

Tea Fabric

And lastly - this tea print fabric! Oh, I would love a skirt or dress or little bag or even kitchen curtains made of this!


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