Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Favorite Photo App: Mr. Chiizu

I have a lot of photo apps on my phone. A lot. Yes, there's Instagram and PicFrame, but I've accumulated many - mostly foreign - cute programs that edit my pictures. A lot of them are in the purikura vein, with little stamps and fun borders and silly sayings. I'm always on the lookout for the best one. I might have found it.

My current favorite photo-editing app is Mr. Chiizu.

Mr. Chiizu is $.99 in the iTunes app store and well worth it. It comes with a ton of free themes - all which include a bunch of borders, cartoon stamps and talk bubbles. Mr. Chiizu also has some themes available for purchase for another dollar. I bought one! It's all kitties!

(screenshot taken from the iTunes site)

This app is for fans of deco, TokiDoki, purikura in general, Japan, Kid Robot, cats, monsters, food, sweets, hearts, words, funny, things, dot, com. Mr. Chiizu also allows you to share directly to like 100 social media sites. The only thing I would change, though, is the Instagram part - it doesn't let you resize while you crop to that dang square. That means all the little details of the cute little monsters won't all fit in. However, that's nothing a simple screenshot-then-edit-in-Instagram won't fix.

Here are some more of the pictures I've done so far!

From the Gothic Lolita theme - lots of treats, sparkles, pearls & ribbons!

Featuring my brand new Rilakkuma case! It's cute!

What photo apps do you have to use?! I'm planning on making a master-list type of post of all the applications I've tried and what I like about each.


  1. Please say a prayer for me that this is available for android. I wants!

  2. I use Decopic mostly, I love it! It's free and has tons of frames and stamps!

  3. Downloading as we speak. Awesome. I can't wait to add unicorns and cats to all my photos

    1. Yes! I want to see funny ones you made!


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