Monday, May 7, 2012

Pastel Pictures

I've been unconsciously into pastel colors lately, I guess! I like to look through my Instagram feed and see what is catching my eye - are there any color trends? Or textures or anything? When I looked today, I noticed a lot of pastel. And I liked it!

Cake Pops
Some very cute colored cake pops at Channa's baby shower. My first cake pop!

Revlon Lip Butter Cotton Candy
The ever-blogged about Revlon Lip Butter in cotton candy.

Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Chip
Does this count? I'm not huge into ice cream, but this was calling my name..

Mermaid Fingernails
My mermaid nails - some Sally Hansen pink and purple covered with Essie's Shine of the Times.

fluffy clouds
Fluffy marshmallow clouds after a storm.


  1. I've never had a cake pop before - are they any good? The only ones I've ever seen are at Starbucks and you have to wonder how they might taste after sitting in a display case all day...

    That lipstick looks divine!

    1. Umm, so I had a Starbucks one for the first time last week - not a fan. Way too THICK, not fluffy like cake at all. The frosting was too thick and fondant-y, too.

  2. booboo, how is the lip butter? I fell in love with Emma Stone's lipz in the commercial. DO YOU LOVE IT?!?!?!

    1. yes! i have FIVE butters! FIVE. I LOVE THEM.

  3. I have been really into pastels too! Its the spring air!


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