Thursday, June 7, 2012

Washi Tape Crochet Hook Case

Crochet Hook Case 

So, like any good craft blogger, I've become more than a little interested in washi tape. I bought my first roll in Japan, actually - in the tiny little shop I visited in Koenji - and then the other that I have is just from Target.

The thing is, though - what do I do with this tape? I don't scrap book. I don't really send that much mail at all. Uhh.. so both rolls of tape both have been sitting around untouched for a while. Until Tuesday! I got bored and started lining the inside of my lime green crochet hook case. The thing is cheap plastic and incredibly loud when I pick it up, so I thought maybe the thick tape would muffle the sound. Not really, but it was really cute! I got carried away and did the whole outside, too. I finally spared a little bit of the strawberry washi tape from Koenji for one strip on the front of the case.

Washi Tape Case Decoration

I like it! It took maybe ten minutes total and now I have a brand new case. I want more and more tape to cover and decorate all the things in my house. I did try to copy miss Twinkie Chan and tape up an actual hook. It looked sweet, but it only lasted like two half double crochets until I unwrapped it all. Too distracting for me!

Washi Tape Crochet Hook


  1. So cute, I like it so much.. I will try this. Thank you and best wishes..

  2. I have the same scissors!!! ^.^ I like your hook cause it is a lot bigger then mine!
    Is it okay if I add you instagram? lol I wasnted to ask first!
    Hope your day is rocking!

    1. You do have a small case! Mine was just a little Hello Kitty case I saw in the dollar section at Joann last year. I definitely got my money's worth out of it!

      And yes of course! What is your instagram name??

    2. Katiebuggy ^.^
      What a good deal! I got mine in a happy meal a million years ago!

  3. ohh, i like how you covered the crochet hook in washi, too! adds a little bit of flair!


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